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Buy-In: $2,500
Prize Pool: $1,108,600
Entrants: 482

Event 33 - $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/ Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Jun 17, '10 - Jun 19, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 19, 10)


Velador Bests Chiu For Event No. 33 Win

Pot-Limit Hold’em

ChiuVelador Wins Event No. 33, Chiu Falls in 2nd ($160,902)

Jose-Luis Velador raised from the button and David Chiu re-raised 124,000 more. Velador called and they saw a flop.

Chiu bet out 372,000 on a flop of 6Spade Suit3Spade Suit2Diamond Suit and Velador raised the pot, putting Chiu all in. Chiu called and they showed down:

Chiu: AClub Suit10Heart Suit
Velador: 7Diamond Suit6Club Suit

Velador had a pair of sixes and Chiu was still alive with two overcards. The 9Club Suit turn didn’t help Chiu, and he was dead to an ace or a 10. But the river was the JSpade Suit and Chiu finished runner-up.

Velador won the event, and with it he earned his second career WSOP bracelet and $260,517. Chiu fell just shy of winning his 5th WSOP bracelet, but won $160,902 for his solid play.

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We Are Heads Up

Pot-Limit Hold’em

MacPheeKevin MacPhee made it 60,000 to go from the button and Jose-Luis Velador called from the big blind.

Velador checked to MacPhee on a flop of KClub Suit6Heart Suit5Club Suit. MacPhee bet 80,000 and Velador check-raised to 200,000. MacPhee pushed all in for half a million and Velador thought a while and called. Their hands:

Velador: KDiamond Suit3Diamond Suit
MacPhee: 7Spade Suit7Heart Suit

Velador’s kings were ahead of MacPhee’s pocket sevens. The turn brought the 10Heart Suit and MacPhee was down to two sevens for his outs. But the AClub Suit fell on the river and Velador exploded to 1.5 million in chips as MacPhee was gone in 5th, making $62,791.

Pot-Limit Omaha

GrayGray Finishes in Fourth ($85,030)

On a flop of KDiamond Suit8Spade Suit2Heart Suit Craig Gray moved the rest of his short stack all in and was instantly called by Jose-Luis Velador. Their hands:

Gray: QHeart SuitQClub Suit8Club Suit4Heart Suit
Velador: AClub SuitKDiamond Suit9Spade Suit2Club Suit

Velador’s two pair was ahead, and when the KSpade Suit hit on the turn he had a full house. The ASpade Suit finished the board and Gray was gone in 4th place, taking $85,030 of the prize pool.

Pot-Limit Omaha

HollinkHollink Knocked Out in 3rd ($116,359)

Rob Hollink called a 80,000 raise preflop from Jose-Luis Velador and everyone else got out of the way.

The flop came QSpade Suit8Diamond Suit3Heart Suit and Hollink found himself all in for his tournament life. Their hands:

Hollink: QHeart Suit10Diamond Suit8Heart Suit4Diamond Suit
Velador: KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit7Heart Suit

Despite the queen on the flop, Velador held the lead with pocket kings. The turn was the 6Heart Suit and the 3Diamond Suit finished the board, giving Velador the pot and knocking Hollink out in 3rd place, winning $116,359.

With that, Velador took a commanding chip going into heads up against David Chiu.


Ramdin Finishes in 6th

Pot-Limit Omaha


Sitting with the shortest stack at the table, Victor Ramdin moved all in for 110,000 and was called by Kevin MacPhee. Their hands:

Ramdin: AClub SuitKDiamond SuitJSpade Suit9Club Suit
MacPhee: ASpade SuitAHeart Suit6Spade Suit3Diamond Suit

The flop came JHeart Suit4Spade Suit3Spade Suit. The 2Club Suit turn and 3Club Suit river was enough to give MaPhee trip 3’s and and bust Ramdin in 6th place. Ramdin took $46,861 for his finish.

MacPhee held around 725,000 in chips following the hand, not far behind chip leader Jose-Luis Velador.

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Chiu Chips Up

Pot-Limit Hold’em

CochraneCochrane Bounced in 8th ($26,906)

Jose-Luis Velador put in a raise only to have Gavin Cochrane re-raise from the big blind. Velador put in enough chips to cover Cochrane and was called. Their hands:

Velador: 8Diamond Suit8Heart Suit
Cochrane: ASpade SuitJHeart Suit

The coin flip was on, with Cochrane needing the big cards. The flop brought 9Spade Suit7Spade Suit6Heart Suit, missing Cochrane completely. The 3Heart Suit hit on the turn, leaving him dead to an ace or jack. He got neither. The river was the 7Club Suit and Cochrane was gone in 8th place, taking with him $26,906.

Pot-Limit Omaha

MitchellChiu Knocks Mitchell Out in 7th ($35,331)

David Chiu raised and James Mitchell re-popped it to 178,000. Chiu tanked then moved all in over the top of Mitchell, who called. Their hands:

Chiu: KClub SuitKHeart Suit10Club Suit5Heart Suit
Mitchell: 10Heart Suit9Heart Suit8Heart Suit7Heart Suit

Chiu remained in the lead on a flop of QHeart Suit7Club Suit4Club Suit. The JSpade Suit hit on the turn and Mitchell was drawing to a straight, but the 4Spade Suit river ended his hopes and eliminated him in 7th place. He made $35,331.


Sterling Out in 9th

Pot-Limit Hold’em

SterlingMatt Sterling Falls in 9th ($20,698)

Facing a raise from Kevin MacPhee to 40,000, Matt Sterling pushed all in for 128,000 and MacPhee called. Their hands:

Sterling: AHeart SuitKHeart Suit
MacPhee: 10Diamond Suit10Heart Suit

The flop brought the wrong kind of red, coming QDiamond Suit6Spade Suit5Diamond Suit to keep MacPhee ahead. The turn was the 6Heart Suit, leaving Sterling dependent on an ace or a king only. But the river brought the 10Diamond Suit to give MacPhee an unnecessary full house, and Sterling was out in 9th place, making $20,698.

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Players are now on dinner break.
Burt Boutin fell in 10th place, setting the very experienced final 9 as:

Jose-Luis Velador
Kevin MacPhee
David Chiu
Victor Ramdin
Craig Gray
Rob Hollink
James Mitchell
Gavin Cochrane
Matt Sterling

Stay tuned to for the final table elimination hands.


Final Day Starts at 3 p.m.

ChiuThe final day of event No. 33 will begin at 3 p.m.

Day 2 narrowed the field from 116 to just 14, and among them are some of poker’s best. Jose-Luis Velador is the chip leader, followed very closely by David Chiu. Also in the top 10 in chips are Phil Ivey, Victor Ramdin and Josh Tieman.

The winner will take down $260,517, and all remaining players are guaranteed at least $12,671.

Stay tuned to for your final table coverage.

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Phil Ivey

Chip Counts:

Jose-Luis Velador 455,000
David Chiu 451,000
Rob Hollink 423,000
Matt Sterling 280,000
Joshua Tieman 277,000
Victor Ramdin 262,000
Craig Gray 248,000
Kevin MacPhee 247,000
Phil Ivey 207,000
Tristan McDonald 196,000
Burt Boutin 190,000
Gavin Cochrane 188,000
James Mitchell 136,000
Konstantin Bucherl 75,000
Player Tags: Victor Ramdin,   David Chiu,   Phil Ivey
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