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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $2,245,050
Entrants: 1663

Event 16 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed

  • Jun 07, '10 - Jun 09, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 09, 10)


Level 25 Update: Carter Phillips Wins

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 1 out of 1,663

Average Chip Count: 2,494,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Carter Phillips — 7,483,500


4. Hugo Perez — $124,690
3. Craig Bergeron — $189,661
2. Sam Gerber — $298,726

Elimination Hands:

Hugo Perez

Hugo Perez Eliminated in 4th Place ($124,690)

Huge Perez moved all in for 385,000 with the QClub Suit8Diamond Suit and Craig Bergeron made the call with the KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit. Bergeron flopped a pair of jacks and Perez was unable to catch up. He was eliminated and Bergeron was at 2,200,000 after the hand.

Craig Bergeron Eliminated in 3rd Place ($189,661)

Carter Phillips raised on the button and Craig Bergeron reraised to 295,000 from the small blind. Phillips four-bet shoved with the JSpade Suit7Spade Suit and was called by the 7Diamond Suit7Heart Suit of Bergeron. The flop brought a jack for Phillips and it held to eliminated Bergeron. Phillips was at 5,800,000 after the hand.

Sam Gerber

Sam Gerber Eliminated in 2nd Place ($298,726), Carter Phillips Wins Event No. 16 ($482,774)

From the button, Samuel Gerber bet 100,000 and Carter Phillips three-bet to 275,000. Gerber moved all in and Phillips made the call. Phillips tabled the ADiamond SuitKClub Suit and was head of the QClub Suit8Diamond Suit of Gerber. The board ran out AHeart Suit9Diamond Suit7Spade SuitJClub Suit5Diamond Suit and Phillips won the bracelet.


Level 24 Update

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Players Remaining: 4 out of 1,663

Average Chip Count: 1,496,700

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Carter Phillips — 3,700,000
2. Samuel Gerber — 2,600,000
3. Craig Bergeron — 750,000
4. Hugo Perez — 485,000



Elimination Hands:


Left in the Deck

Players are currently on a dinner break. They will come back to their seats at 8:30 p.m. PST.


Level 23 Update: David Diaz and Russell Thomas Eliminated

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante

Players Remaining: 4 out of 1,663

Average Chip Count: 1,496,700

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Carter Phillips — 3,175,000
2. Samuel Gerber — 2,100,000
3. Craig Bergeron — 1,700,000
4. Hugo Perez — 485,000


6. David Diaz — $58,483
5. Russell Thomas — $84,256

Elimination Hands:

David Diaz

David Diaz Eliminated in 6th Place ($58,483)

Craig Bergeron bet 70,000 from under the gun. Action was folded to David Diaz in the big blind, who moved all in. Bergeron called and exposed the 10Diamond Suit10Heart Suit and was up against the ADiamond SuitJSpade Suit of Diaz. Bergeron flopped a set of tens and they held to eliminate Diaz. Bergeron was at 1,700,000 after the hand.

Russell Thomas Eliminated in 5th Place ($84,256)

Sam Gerber bet 70,000 on the button and Russell Thomas reraised to 200,000 from the small blind. Action was folded to Gerber, who moved all in. Thomas made the quick call and tabled the ASpade SuitKDiamond Suit, but was up against the pocket kings of Gerber. The kings held and Thomas was gone. Gerber was at 2,100,000 after the hand.

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Day 3 to start at 2:30 p.m.

Carter PhillipsThe 16 players who are left in event no. 16, the $1,500 no-limit hold’em will make their way back to the Rio’s Amazon room today to play down to a bracelet winner. The bracelet will also be accompanied with a $482,774 first place prize.

Carter Phillips (Pictured Right) is the chip leader coming into the day and here are a look at the rest of the stacks in the field.

1. Carter Phillips – 922,000
2. Mikhail Lakhitov – 763,000
3. David Diaz – 742,000
4. Kevin Iacofano – 618,000
5. Mark Flowers – 545,000 (follow on twitter)
6. Craig Bergeron – 545,000
7. Hugo Perez - 483,000
8. Matthew Ezrol – 459,000
9. Michael Meyers – 445,000
10. Russell Thomas – 416,000
11. Samuel Gerber – 347,000
12. Matt Zoorob – 346,000
13. Conrad Monica – 326,000
14. Thong Tran – 219,000
15. Alexander Wilson – 206,000
16. Jesse Martin – 114,000

Play will start with the blinds at 6,000-12,000 and a 1,000 ante and everybody is guaranteed a minimum pay day of $17,488. Stay tuned to Card Player as we will bring you updates from the eventual final table.

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