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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $1,598,000
Entrants: 170

Event 15 - $10,000 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better Championship

  • Jun 06, '10 - Jun 08, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 08, 10)


Final Table Update: Allen Kessler Eliminated In 2nd Place, Frank Kassela Wins Event No. 15

Blinds: Ante 20,000, Bring-In 30,000, 100,000-200,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 1 out of 170

Notable Eliminations:

2. Allen Kessler — $276,485

Big Hands:

Frank KasselaAllen Kessler Eliminated In 2nd Place, Frank Kassela Wins Event No. 15

Frank Kassela completed to 100,000 and Allen Kessler raised to 200,000. Kassela would have none of that as he three-bet to 300,000. Kessler made the call and was all in. Here is how their boards ran out:

Kessler: (10Heart Suit8Diamond SuitQClub Suit)9Club Suit8Heart SuitKClub Suit10Spade Suit
Kassela: (7Diamond Suit7Club SuitJHeart Suit)QDiamond Suit2Heart SuitQHeart Suit3

Kassela made queens and sevens to best Kessler’s tens and eights. Kassela took the pot and won his first career WSOP bracelet.

Player Tags: Frank Kassela,   Allen Kessler

Final Table Update: John Juanda Eliminated In 5th Place, Zolotow 4th, Harman 3rd

Blinds: Ante 20,000, Bring-In 10,000, 80,000-160,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 2 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 2,550,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Frank Kassela – 4,785,000
2. Allen Kessler – 370,000

Notable Eliminations:

5. John Juanda — $97,989
4. Steve Zolotow — $125,379
3. Jennifer Harman — $173,159

Big Hands:

John JuandaJohn Juanda Eliminated In 5th Place ($97,989)

Frank Kassela completed for 80,000 and John Juanda made the call. Kassela then checked on fourth street and Juanda bet 80,000. Kassela called again and check-called another bet of 160,000 by Juanda on fifth street.

Both players checked on 6th street and Juanda moved all in for 135,000 on seventh street. Kassela made the call and had three of a kind, AHeart SuitASpade SuitAClub Suit.

It was better than Juanda’s two pair, KDiamond SuitKSpade Suit7Spade Suit7Heart Suit and Juanda was gone.

Steve ZolotowSteve Zolotow Eliminated In 4th Place ($125,379)

Steve Zolotow completed to 80,000 and Frank Kassela raised it to 160,000. Zolotow put in a third bet for all of his chips. Kassela made the call and here is how there boards ran out:

Zolotow: (QClub Suit7Spade SuitJSpade Suit)QDiamond SuitAHeart Suit6Spade Suit10Club Suit
Kassela: (9Spade Suit3Spade Suit4Club Suit)9Heart Suit7Club Suit6Heart Suit9Diamond Suit

Zolotow made a pair of queens while Kassela hit three nines and knocked out Zolotow in third place.

Kassela expanded his chip lead over the table with that elimination and Zolotow took home $125,379.

Jennifer HarmanJennifer Harman Eliminated In 3rd Place ($173,159)

Allen Kessler completed to 80,000 and Jennifer Harman made the call. Both players checked fourth street and Harman check-called a bet of 160,000 by Kessler on fifth street.

Kessler then bet another 160,000 on sixth street and Harman made the call, putting herself all in.

By the time seventh street was dealt, Harman had absolutely nothing as she missed her 6-low draw and failed to pair up. Kessler caught a pair of fours and it was enough to scoop the pot and knock out Harman in third place.


Final Table Update: Kirill Rabtsov Eliminated In 6th Place

Blinds: Ante 10,000, Bring-In 10,000, 40,000-80,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 5 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 1,020,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jennifer Harman – 1,300,000
2. John Juanda – 1,065,000
3. Allen Kessler – 1,000,000
4. Frank Kassela – 965,000
5. Steve Zolotow – 540,000

Notable Eliminations:

6. Kirill Rabtsov — $78,142

Big Hands:

Kirill RabtsovKirill Rabtsov Eliminated In 6th Place ($78,142)

Kirill Rabtsov was all in by fourth street against Frank Kassela. Kassela had two pair, kings and eights while Rabtsov had four cards to a flush.

The two players bricked on fifth and sixth streets, but Rabtsov got his flush on seventh street. Unfortunately for him, Kassela received another king to turn his two pair into a full house.

Rabtsov had no low hand to salvage half the pot and he was eliminated.

Player Tags: Frank Kassela,   Kirill Rabtsov

Final Table Update: Dario Minieri Eliminated In 8th Place, Vladimir Schmelev Out In 7th

Blinds: Ante 7,000, Bring-In 10,000, 30,000-60,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 6 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 850,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jennifer Harman – 1,100,000
2. Frank Kassela – 1,080,000
3. John Juanda – 980,000
4. Kirill Rabtsov – 600,000
5. Allen Kessler – 585,000
6. Steve Zolotow – 550,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Dario Minieri — $52,366
7. Vladimir Schmelev — $63,456

Big Hands:

Dario MinieriDario Minieri Flushed By Schmelev, Then Eliminated In 8th Place ($52,366)

Dario Minieri led out betting on every street until sixth and Vladimir Schmelev called him down. On seventh, Schmelev initiated the betting with 60,000 and Minieri made the call.

Schmelev turned over (AHeart Suit8Heart Suit2Heart Suit)6Club Suit9Heart Suit5Club SuitKHeart Suit for a heart flush and Minieri mucked his hand.

Minieri was just over 100,000 after the hand and was eliminated later in the level by Allen Kessler’s two pair.

Vladimir SchmelevVladimir Schmelev Eliminated In 7th Place ($63,456)

Vladimir Schmelev led out with 30,000 on fourth street and Jennifer Harman made the call, as did Frank Kassela. Schmelev moved all in on fifth street for his last 16,000 and both opponents called.

Harman and Kassela both checked the last two streets and Kassela turned over 10Club Suit10Diamond Suit10Heart Suit, good for the high.

Harman showed a 7-5 for the low end of the pot and Schmelev was sent to the rail.


Level 22: Gary Benson Eliminated In 9th Place

Blinds: Ante 5,000, Bring-In 7,000, 25,000-50,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 8 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 637,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Kirill Rabstov – 882,000
2. Jennifer Harman – 861,000
3. Frank Kassela – 800,000
4. John Juanda – 787,000
5. Steve Zolotow – 684,000
6. Allen Kessler – 467,000
7. Dario Minieri – 316,000
8. Vladimir Schmelev – 304,000

Notable Eliminations:

9. Gary Benson — $43,833

Note: Players have gone on a 60-minute dinner break and will return at approximately 9 p.m.

Big Hands:

Juanda Scoops Kessler

John Juanda called 25,000 from Kessler on fourth street. Kessler then check-called bets of 50,000 by Juanda on every following street. Here were their boards:

Juanda: (ADiamond Suit8Club Suit5Diamond Suit)8Spade Suit7Heart Suit5Club Suit4Club Suit
Kessler: (7Spade Suit6Club Suit3Diamond Suit)4Heart Suit6Diamond SuitJHeart Suit3Heart Suit

Juanda made a better two pair than Kessler and scooped the pot. Juanda was at 855,000 while Kessler was down to 160,000.

Gary BensonGary Benson Eliminated In 9th Place

Gary Benson was all in and sweating Allen Kessler and Frank Kassela’s hands by seventh street. Here were their boards:

Benson: (QClub Suit10Diamond SuitX)QSpade Suit10Heart Suit4Heart SuitJClub Suit
Kessler: (6Diamond Suit4Diamond SuitKHeart Suit4Club Suit
Kassela: (KDiamond Suit10Spade Suit8Heart Suit)3Heart SuitKSpade Suit9Diamond Suit3Club Suit

Kassela made kings up, besting Benson’s queens-up and he bubbled the official final table.


Level 21: Marco Johnson Eliminated In 13th, Isaia 12th, Altbregin 11th, Lind 10th

Blinds: Ante 5,000, Bring-In 5,000, 20,000-40,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 9 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 566,667

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Kirill Rabstov – 955,000
2. Jennifer Harman – 822,000
3. Dario Minieri – 620,000
4. John Juanda – 600,000
5. Steve Zolotow – 570,000
6. Allen Kessler – 450,000
7. Vladimir Schmelev – 370,000
8. Frank Kassela – 330,000
9. Gary Benson – 276,000

Notable Eliminations:

13. Marco Johnson — $32,439
12. Alessio Isaia — $37,297
11. Sergey Altbregin — $37,297
10. George Lind — $43,833

Big Hands:

John JuandaJuanda Takes A Pot Off Kassela

Frank Kassela bet 10,000 on third street and John Juanda raised to 20,000. Kassela made the call and Juanda led out for 10,000 on fourth street.

Kassela called again and the ADiamond Suit on fifth street gave him the lead in the hand. He proceeded to lead out for 20,000 on the next three streets with Juanda calling every time.

Juanda showed down a broadway straight and Kassela mucked. Juanda took the nice pot and was at 634,000. Kassela was down to 685,000.

Kessler Nearly Quadruples Up To Escape The Short Stack

Allen Kessler was all in by fourth street and in a pot against John Juanda, Frank Kassela and George Lind. Here were their boards:

Kessler: 2Diamond SuitKHeart Suit8Heart Suit4Diamond Suit
Lind: 5Heart Suit5Spade SuitKSpade Suit7Diamond Suit
Kassela: QSpade Suit6Heart Suit6Diamond Suit8Spade Suit
Juanda: 5Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit10Club SuitQHeart Suit

Juanda folded on the river but Kessler turned over ASpade Suit3Heart Suit5Club Suit for the wheel and scooped the main pot to get his ailing stack healthy fast to 380,000.

Marco JohnsonMarco Johnson Eliminated In 13th Place

Marco Johnson was all in by fifth street against Dario Minieri. Here were their boards:

Johnson: (7Spade Suit5Spade SuitJClub Suit)3Diamond Suit3Spade Suit5Heart Suit6Diamond Suit
Minieri: (JSpade SuitQDiamond Suit8Spade Suit)JDiamond SuitQHeart Suit5Club Suit5Heart Suit

Minieri’s queens and jacks bested Johnson’s fives and threes and Johnson hit the rail.

Alessio Isaia Eliminated In 12th Place

Alessio Isaia was all in on fifth street against Steve Zolotow. By the time all the cards were dealt, Zolotow made two pair, 5Diamond Suit5Heart Suit4Heart Suit4Spade Suit.

Isaia could only salvage one pair and was eliminated.

Sergey Altbregin Eliminated In 11th Place, George Lind Eliminated In 10th Place

Sergey Altbregin was eliminated when John Juanda made aces-up to defeat Altbregin’s lone pair of aces.

Lind was eliminated a few hands later when he was scooped by Vladimir Schmelev’s ace-high flush and 7-6 low.


Level 20: Rodman Out In 15th, George 14th

Blinds: Ante 4,000, Bring-In 5,000, 18,000-36,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 14 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 364,285

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Kirill Rabstov – 795,000
2. Frank Kassela – 675,000
3. Steve Zolotow – 580,000
4. Jennifer Harman – 560,000
5. John Juanda – 435,000
6. Dario Minieri – 340,000
7. George Lind – 300,000
8. Gary Benson – 280,000
9. Alessio Isaia – 275,000
10. Vladimir Schmelev – 240,000

Notable Eliminations:

15. Blair Rodman — $28,220
14. Christopher George — $32,439

Big Hands:

Blair RodmanBlair Rodman Eliminated In 15th Place

Picking up the action on fourth street, Kirill Rabstov led out with 18,000. Blair Rodman made the call. Rabstov then bet 36,000 on fifth and Rodman made the call again.

Rabstov bet 36,000 on sixth street and Rodman pounced, raising to 72,000. Rabstov would not be denied and put in a third bet to 108,000. Rodman made the call, putting himself all in.

Rabstov then turned over 4Diamond Suit4Heart Suit to go with his 4Spade Suit for rolled-up fours. Rodman had aces with a gutshot broadway draw, but instead made two pair on the river and he was eliminated.

George Doubles Through Schmelev, But Later Goes Out In 14th

Christopher George was all in by fifth street against Vladimir Schmelev. Here is how their boards looked:

George: (3Club Suit2Diamond Suit)5Heart Suit4Heart SuitQClub SuitAHeart Suit(10Diamond Suit)
Schmelev: (ASpade Suit7Diamond Suit)AClub Suit2Diamond Suit10Club Suit5Club Suit(9Diamond Suit)

George made the wheel and scooped Schmelev. While once down to his last 50,000, George climbed all the way back to 190,000. Schmelev was down to 160,000.

Later in the level, George found himself all in against Dario Minieri and his three queens. George could not find any help and was out in 14th.


Level 19: Money Bubble Bursts Quickly

Blinds: Ante 3,000, Bring-In 5,000, 15,000-30,000 Limits

Players Remaining: 15 out of 170

Average Chip Count: 340,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Frank Kassela – 640,000
2. John Juanda – 580,000
3. Alessio Isaia – 550,000
4. Kirill Rabstov – 525,000
5. Vladimir Schmelev – 490,000
6. Sergey Altbregin – 440,000
7. Marco Johnson – 345,000
8. Allen Kessler – 290,000
9. Steve Zolotow – 260,000
10. Gary Benson – 235,000

Card Player Chip Counts:

Jennifer Harman — 174,000

Notable Eliminations:

Chip Jett
Alexander Dovzhenko
16. Toto Leonidas — $28,220

Big Hands:

Alexander Dovzhenko Bursts Money Bubble

Alexander Dovzhenko was all in on third street against Christopher George. Here were how their boards ran out:

Dovzhenko: (QHeart SuitQSpade Suit)ADiamond Suit10Spade Suit9Spade Suit7Heart Suit(3Heart Suit
George: (5Club Suit2Club Suit)3Club SuitKDiamond SuitKClub SuitAClub Suit(2Diamond Suit)

George nailed down a club flush by sixth street and Dovzhenko was the unlucky bubble boy.

Toto LeonidasToto Leonidas Eliminated In 16th Place

Toto Leonidas and Sergey Altbregin were involved in a pot against each other. Leonidas was all in by sixth street and here is how their boards ran out.

Altbregin: (5Heart Suit2Heart Suit)4Heart Suit3Diamond Suit5Spade Suit(3Heart Suit)
Leonidas: (AHeart Suit7Club Suit)4Club Suit6Spade Suit7Spade Suit9Diamond Suit(ASpade Suit)

Leonidas made aces-up but Altbregin rivered a flush and sent Leonidas to rail.


Shuffle Up and Deal

The cards are in the air for the final day of play. The remaining 18 players are just two spots away from the money and will start with a 3,000 ante, 5,000 bring-in and 15,000-30,000 limits.

Stay tuned to as we bring you all of the live updates from today’s play.


Final Day Begins At 3:30 p.m.

Frank KasselaThe remaining 18 players of event No. 15 are just hours away from playing down to a winner. They are still two spots shy of the money.

Frank Kassela is the chip leader going into the final day but notables like John Juanda and Marco Johnson have formidable chip stacks to deal with.

On the first elimination on day three, play will switch to hand-for-hand until the field bursts the money bubble. The first player to cash will win $28,220 while the winner will take home $447,446.

Players will return with the ante at 3,000, the bring-in at 5,000 and 15,000-30,000 limits.

Stay tuned to as we bring you all the live updates from the final day of event No. 15. Here are the chip counts heading into the final day:

Frank Kassela 515,000
Sergey Altbregin 497,000
Kirill Rabtsov 388,000
Alessio Isaia 382,000
Marco Johnson 379,000
John Juanda 368,000
Christopher George 317,000
Allen Kessler 316,000
Steve Zolotow 301,000
Gary Benson 300,000
Blair Rodman 284,000
Vladimir Schmelev 275,000
Jennifer Harman 197,000
Chip Jett 178,000
Dario Minieri 139,000
Toto Leonidas 112,000
Alexander Dovzhenko 80,000
George Lind 76,000
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