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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $2,585,000
Entrants: 275

Event 45 - $10,000 World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 23, '09 - Jun 25, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jun 25, 09)


Final Table Update: John Kabbaj Wins Event No. 45

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Players Remaining: 1 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. John Kabbaj – 8,250,000
2. Kirill Gerasimov – 0

Notable Eliminations:

2. Kirill Gerasimov – $391,369

Big Hands:

John Kabbaj

John Kabbaj Takes Chip Lead

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 320,000 on the button and John Kabbaj reraised to 870,00 total. Gerasimov reraised pot, making it 2,410,000, enough to cover Kabbaj. Kabbaj made the call. Kabbaj exposed the ADiamond Suit4Heart Suit and was a coin flip against the 3Club Suit3Heart Suit of Gerasimov. The flop came AHeart SuitASpade Suit4Spade Suit and Kabbaj flopped the full house, doubling up to 4,420,000 as Gerasimov failed to hit running quads.

John Kabbaj Wins Event No. 45 ($633,335), Kirill Gerasimov Eliminated in 2nd Place ($391,369)

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 435,000 on the button and John Kabbaj called from the big blind. The flop came 7Heart Suit4Club Suit3Spade Suit and Kabbaj led out with 400,000. Gerasimov contemplated briefly before making it 1,000,000 total. Kabbaj thought it about it momentarily before announcing he was all-in and Gerasimov made the quick call. Gerasimov exposed the KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit but was in horrible shape against the AHeart SuitAClub Suit of Kabbaj. The cooler hand saw the 4Spade Suit hit the turn and the QDiamond Suit fall on the river, eliminating Gerasimov and making Kabbaj the champion of Event No. 45 for $633,335.

Player Tags: Kirill Gerasimov,   John Kabbaj

Final Table Update: Eric Baldwin Eliminated

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Players Remaining: 2 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. Kirill Gerasimov – 5,559,000
2. John Kabbaj – 2,660,000

Average Chip Count: 4,125,000

Notable Eliminations:

3. Eric Baldwin ($259,534)

Big Hands:

Eric Baldwin

Eric Baldwin Puts Stack At Risk

Eric Baldwin raised to 335,000 from the small blind and John Kabbaj called. The flop came 9Spade Suit6Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit. Baldwin checked and Kabbaj checked behind. The turn brought the QHeart Suit and the recent bracelet winner bet 365,000. Kabbaj made the call. The AClub Suit fell on the river and Baldwin checked. Kabbaj promptly bet 650,000 and Baldwin went all-in for 740,000 more. Kabbaj went into the tank before eventually folding. Baldwin was then at 3,200,000.

John Kabbaj Doubles Up

John Kabbaj got the last of his chips into the middle in a blind vs. blind war with Kirill Gerasimov. Gerasimov exposed the AClub Suit9Diamond Suit while Kabbaj exposed the 9Heart Suit9Spade Suit. The board ran out QSpade Suit9Club Suit7Spade SuitQHeart Suit8Heart Suit and Kabbaj doubled up with a full house to 2,430,000.

Kirill Gerasimov

Eric Baldwin Crippled, Kirill Gerasimov Doubles Up

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 300,000 on the button. Eric Baldwin called from the small blind. The flop came AHeart Suit9Club Suit8Spade Suit and Baldwin checked. Gerasimov bet 375,000 and Baldwin threw out a check raise for 1,400,000 more. Gerasimov moved all-in and Baldwin made the quick call. Baldwin exposed the ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and was well ahead of the AClub Suit9Heart Suit of Gerasimov. The flop was ugly for Baldwin as it came AHeart Suit9Club Suit8Spade Suit, giving his opponent two pair. The QHeart Suit hit the turn and the 8Heart Suit fell on the river, crippling Baldwin to just 420,000. Gerasimov is at 5,500,000.

John Kabbaj

Eric Baldwin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($259,534)

On the very next hand after the devastating flop, Eric Baldwin bet the pot, moving all-in for 420,000 on the button. John Kabbaj thought briefly before finally making the call and exposing the ASpade Suit5Club Suit. Baldwin tabled two live cards with the JSpade Suit6Diamond Suit. Baldwin endured another hideous flop as it came ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit5Heart Suit, giving Kabbaj two pair. The 6Spade Suit hit the turn and Baldwin was giving some outs to stay alive, needing another six to make trips. However, the JClub Suit fell on the river and Baldwin was eliminated with his two pair in 3rd place.


Final Table Update: J.C. Alvarado, Davidi Kitai Eliminated

Blinds: 50,000-100,000

Players Remaining: 3 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. Kirill Gerasimov – 3,895,000
2. John Kabbaj – 2,505,000
3. Eric Baldwin – 1,880,000

Average Chip Count: 2,750,000

Notable Eliminations:

5. J.C. Alvarado ($138,375)
4. Davidi Kitai ($183,638)

Big Hands:

J.C. Alvarado

J.C. Alvarado Eliminated in 5th Place ($138,375)

J.C. Alvarado raised to 300,000 and Eric Baldwin went all-in from the big blind. Alvarado called for the rest of his chips. Baldwin tabled with ASpade SuitKClub Suit and Alvarado exposed the 10Diamond Suit10Club Suit for a coin flip. The board ran out QDiamond Suit7Club Suit3Diamond SuitJDiamond Suit7Heart Suit and Alvarado’s tens held up. Alvarado was then up to 1,450,000 while Baldwin was down to 1,000,000.

Not too long after, J.C. Alvarado raised to 200,000. John Kabbaj reraised to 700,000 and Alvarado moved all-in for 1,250,000. Kabbaj didn’t take long before calling. Alvarado exposed the AHeart SuitQSpade Suit while Kitai tabled the 10Club Suit10Heart Suit. The board ran out JDiamond Suit7Spade Suit6Diamond Suit7Diamond SuitJHeart Suit and the tens held up once again at the final table. Alvarado was sent home in 5th place.

David Kitai

Davidi Kitai Eliminated in 4th Place ($183,638)

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 250,000 on the button and Davidi Kitai reraised all-in from the big blind. Gerasimov called. Kitai exposed the 5Heart Suit5Diamond Suit while Gerasimov tabled the KHeart Suit10Heart Suit, for a coin flip. The flop came JHeart Suit7Heart Suit2Diamond Suit, giving Gerasimov two overs and a flush draw. The 8Diamond Suit hit the turn and Kitai needed to dodge just one more card in order to double up. The river was a disaster as it brought the KClub Suit giving Gerasimov top pair and sending Kitai home in 4th place. Gerasimov is now at 3,895,000.

Left In The Deck:

The players are currently on a 20 minute break.


Final Table Update: Eugene Todd, Jason Lester Eliminated

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Players Remaining: 5 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. Kirill Gerasimov – 2,450,000
2. Davidi Kitai – 1,950,000
3. Eric Baldwin – 1,600,000
4. John Kabbaj – 1,320,000
5. J.C. Alvarado – 1,200,000

Average Chip Count: 1,650,000

Notable Eliminations:

7. Eugene Todd ($93,085)
6. Jason Lester ($110,431)

Big Hands:

Eugene Todd

Eugene Todd Eliminated in 7th Place ($93,085)

From the cutoff, Jason Lester raised to 200,000. Eugene Todd was next to act on the button and went all-in for 440,000 total. Lester quickly called. Todd exposed the ASpade Suit7Heart Suit and was dominated by the AClub SuitJDiamond Suit of Lester. The flop came QHeart Suit8Diamond Suit6Club Suit and Lester kept his advantage. The 8Spade Suit hit the turn, giving Todd some outs for a chop. However, the 7Diamond Suit fell on the river and he doubled up to 1,000,000. Lester is down to just 350,000.

Just a few hands after the double up, J.C. Alvarado raised to 160,000 under the gun and Eugene Todd reraised to 600,000 in middle position. Kirill Gerasimov went all-in over the top from the small blind. Alvarado mucked and Todd called the rest of his chips off. Gerasimov exposed the QHeart SuitQClub Suit and was well ahead of the ASpade SuitQDiamond Suit of Todd. Todd needed to get lucky once again to stay alive in the tournament. The board ran out 8Club Suit7Club Suit2Heart Suit3Heart Suit2Club Suit, eliminating Todd in 7th place. Gerasimov is now up to 2,440,000.

Jason Lester Eliminated in 6th Place ($110,431)

Jason Lester moved the last of his short stack of 230,000 into the middle. Davidi Kitai called from the button with the ASpade Suit5Spade Suit. Lester tabled the JDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit and was in decent shape to make a double up. The flop was no help for Lester as it came 9Spade Suit3Club Suit3Club Suit. The QHeart Suit hit the turn and Lester was down to just one more card. The 7Diamond Suit fell on the river and he was gone in 6th place. Kitai is now at 1,950,000.


Final Table Update: Isaac Haxton Eliminated In 8th Place

Note: Players have gone on a 90 minute dinner break and will return at 9 p.m.

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Players Remaining: 7 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. Davidi Kitai – 1,850,000
2. John Kabbaj – 1,650,000
3. Eric Baldwin – 1,255,000
4. Kirill Gerasimov – 1,000,000
5. J.C. Alvarado – 940,000
6. Eugene Todd – 910,000
7. Jason Lester – 880,000

Average Chip Count: 1,180,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Isaac Haxton — $82,688

Big Hands:

J.C. AlvaradoJ.C. Alvarado Doubles Through Isaac Haxton

Haxton raised to 105,000 preflop from middle position. Action folded to J.C. Alvarado in the big blind who reraised the pot. Haxton then came back over the top to put Alvarado all in. Alvarado made the call.

Alvarado: QSpade SuitJSpade Suit
Haxton: AHeart Suit8Heart Suit

Board: JHeart Suit5Diamond Suit4Spade SuitQClub Suit3Spade Suit

Alvarado flopped a jack and turned a queen to make two pair and double through Haxton, improving his stack to 1,045,000.

Kirill Gerasimov Doubles Through John Kabbaj

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 200,000 from under the gun and action folded around to John Kabbaj. He reraised enough to put Gerasimov all in and the raise was called.

Gerasimov: QHeart SuitQDiamond Suit
Kabbaj: AHeart SuitQClub Suit

Board: 3Heart Suit3Spade Suit2Spade SuitSpade SuitSpade Suit9Club SuitJSpade Suit

Gerasimov’s pair held up and he doubled to 810,000.

Isaac HaxtonIsaac Haxton Eliminated In 8th Place($82,668)

Isaac Haxton raised to 210,000 from middle position and Davidi Kitai was next to act. He made it 425,000 to go and action folded around back to Haxton. He moved all in for 95,000 more and Kitai made the call.

Kitai: AHeart SuitQClub Suit
Haxton: KClub SuitQSpade Suit

Board: 8Club Suit7Diamond Suit2Heart Suit2Club SuitJSpade Suit

Haxton was dominated and was never able to get any help from the board and he was eliminated in 8th place.


Final Table Update: Play Slows Down

Blinds: 25,000-50,000

Players Remaining: 8 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. John Kabbaj – 1,840,000
2. Davidi Kitai – 1,665,000
3. Isaac Haxton – 1,215,000
4. Eric Baldwin – 1,125,000
5. J.C. Alvarado – 710,000
6. Jason Lester – 610,000
7. Eugene Todd – 565,000
8. Kirill Gerasimov – 530,000

Average Chip Count: 1,032,500

Notable Eliminations:

Big Hands:

Gerasimov Wins Battle Of The Blinds

John Kabbaj called 50,000 from the small blind and Kirill Gerasimov checked his option. The flop came AClub Suit3Club Suit4Heart Suit and both players checked. The turn was the 9Diamond Suit and both players checked again. The river was the QHeart Suit and the players refused to bet again. Gerasimov showed KHeart Suit3Diamond Suit and it was good enough for the small pot.

Left In The Deck:

The hand between Gerasimov and Kabbaj was one of the only hands during the level to see a turn and river card dealt. Only three other hands have even seen a flop. The players are simply raising preflop and that has usually been enough to take it down.

Player Tags: Kirill Gerasimov,   John Kabbaj

Final Table Update: Lester Doubles Up, Darryll Fish Eliminated In 9th Place

Blinds: 20,000-40,000

Players Remaining: 8 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. John Kabbaj – 2,100,000
2. Davidi Kitai – 1,500,000
3. Isaac Haxton – 1,200,000
4. Eric Baldwin – 1,020,000
5. Eugene Todd – 690,000
6. Kirill Gerasimov – 590,000
7. J.C. Alvarado – 580,000
8. Jason Lester – 580,000

Average Chip Count: 1,032,500

Notable Eliminations:

9. Darryll Fish — $77,136

Big Hands:

Jason LesterJason Lester Doubles Through J.C. Alvarado

Action folded around to J.C. Alvarado in the small blind. He decided to bet the pot, putting 120,000 into the middle. Jason Lester was next to act in the big blind and he moved all in for 175,000 total. Alvarado made the call and both players turned up their hands.

Alvarado: 10Heart Suit9Diamond Suit
Lester: ASpade SuitAHeart Suit

Board: 7Diamond Suit6Heart Suit5Spade SuitKHeart Suit8Heart Suit

Lester’s aces held up and he doubled up to 580,000.

Darryll Fish Eliminated In 9th Place($77,136)

Darryll Fish raised to 120,000 from the small blind preflop. J.C. Alvarado was in the big blind and moved all in, having Fish covered. Fish made the call and the players turned over their hands.

Fish: ASpade Suit8Diamond Suit
Alvarado: 7Diamond Suit7Heart Suit

Board: JHeart Suit9Diamond Suit4Club SuitQHeart Suit2Spade Suit

The board gave Fish a gutshot straight draw on the turn but the river bricked and he was the first player eliminated from the final table.

Player Tags: Jason Lester,   Darryll Fish

Final Table Update: Eugene Todd Doubles Up

Blinds: 20,000-40,000

Players Remaining: 9 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. John Kabbaj – 2,210,000
2. Davidi Kitai – 1,600,000
3. Eric Baldwin – 1,000,000
4. Isaac Haxton – 955,000
5. J.C. Alvarado – 680,000
6. Kirill Gerasimov – 580,000
7. Eugene Todd – 541,000
8. Jason Lester – 300,000
9. Darryll Fish – 210,000

Average Chip Count: 917,444

Notable Eliminations:

Big Hands:

Eric BaldwinBaldwin Takes One Off Haxton

Isaac Haxton raised to 65,000 from early position and action folded to Eric Baldwin in the cutoff. He reraised to 170,000 and action folded around back to Haxton. He made the call and the players saw a flop of 5Heart Suit5Diamond Suit2Spade Suit.

Haxton checked and Baldwin fired 162,000 into the pot. Haxton tanked for a minute then threw his hand away. Baldwin scored the pot and was around 1.5 million.

Kitai Takes One Off Alvarado

J.C. Alvarado raised the pot from the hi-jack position and action folded to Davidi Kitai in the big blind. He threw in the call and both players saw a flop of JHeart SuitJSpade Suit2Spade Suit. Both players checked and the 9Heart Suit dropped on the turn. Both players elected to check again and the 9Club Suit completed the board on the river. Kitai decided to lead out for 110,000 and Alvarado mucked his hand, sending the pot to Kitai.

Eugene ToddEugene Todd Doubles Through Eric Baldwin

Baldwin raised the pot from the hi-jack position preflop. The action was then on Eugene Todd on the button. He reraised the pot and the blinds folded. Baldwin then raised enough to put Todd all in and the call was made.

Todd: 9Heart Suit9Club Suit
Baldwin: KHeart SuitQHeart Suit

Board: 7Diamond Suit5Club Suit5Spade Suit8Club Suit6Diamond Suit

The board ran out with a bunch of little cards, helping Todd’s pair hold up and he doubled up to 540,000.


Final Day Update: Final Table Set

Blinds: 15,000-30,000

Players Remaining: 9 out of 275

Chip Counts:

1. John Kabbaj – 1,867,000
2. Davidi Kitai – 1,737,000
3. Isaac Haxton – 1,139,000
4. Eric Baldwin – 1,115,000
5. J.C. Alvarado – 810,000
6. Kirill Gerasimov – 621,000
7. Jason Lester – 386,000
8. Eugene Todd – 341,000
9. Darryll Fish – 241,000

Average Chip Count: 917,444

Notable Eliminations:

14. Thomas Pattersson — $43,091
13. Ken Lennaard — $43,091
12. Michael Kamran — $57,645
11. Billy Kopp — $57,645

Big Hands:

Thomas Pattersson Eliminated In 14th Place($43,091)

Thomas Pattersson and Billy Kopp got into a raising war preflop until all of Pattersson’s chips were in the middle.

Pattersson: JDiamond Suit10Heart Suit
Kopp: ADiamond Suit5Club Suit

Board: AHeart Suit8Club Suit4Diamond Suit2Heart Suit8Diamond Suit

The flop gave Kopp a dominating lead in the hand that he never relinquished and Pattersson made his exit in 14th place.

Ken LennaardKen Lennaard Eliminated In 13th Place($43,091)

Isaac Haxton raised the pot from the button preflop and the action was next on Ken Lennaard. Lennaard moved the rest of his chips into the middle and Haxton made the call.

Haxton: AClub SuitKDiamond Suit
Lennaard: QHeart Suit10Heart Suit

Board: ASpade SuitADiamond Suit2Spade Suit3Spade Suit2Club Suit

Haxton flopped a set and rivered a full boat for good measure and Lennaard was eliminated in 13th place.

Michael KamranMichael Kamran Eliminated In 12th Place($57,645)

Kamran raised to 84,000 from the button and the small blind mucked. The action was then on Billy Kopp in the big blind and he raised enough to put Kamran all in. Kamaran made the call and turned over JSpade Suit9Spade Suit. Kopp showed the superior ADiamond Suit7Diamond Suit and it was time for the flop. It came down QHeart Suit8Heart Suit7Club Suit, giving Kopp a pair but also giving Kamran a gutshot straight draw. The QDiamond Suit fell on the turn and offered no help to Kamran. His last gasp came on the river when another lady showed up, the QSpade Suit, giving Kamran a full house and sending Kamran crashing to the rail in 12th place.

Billy KoppBilly Kopp Eliminated In 11th Place($57,645)

After knocking out two players on his own, it was finally Kopp’s turn to step on the chopping block.

Davidi Kitai raised to 60,000 preflop and Kopp decided to make it 198,000 to go. Kitai just called and both players saw the flop come down 8Heart Suit4Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit. Kopp went all in on the flop and Kitai made the call. Kopp showed down ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit for the nut flush draw while Kitai showed JSpade SuitJClub Suit for an over pair to the board. The turn was the 4Spade Suit and the river was another black card, the 8Club Suit and Kopp bricked the last two streets and it cost him his tournament life. He was sent to the rail in 11th place, taking home $57,645.

Mohsin CharaniaMohsin Charania Eliminated In 10th Place($57,645)

Davidi Kitai raised to 75,000 from under the gun and the action was next on Charania. He moved all in for just 85,000 total and everyone folded around to Kitai. He made the cheap call and the players turned over their hands.

Kitai: 9Diamond Suit9Spade Suit
Charania: AHeart SuitJClub Suit

Board: QHeart Suit10Heart Suit2Spade Suit3Club Suit6Spade Suit

Charania flopped a Broadway draw but it never materialized and Kitai’s pair held up. Charania picked up his stuff and made his way toward the exit in 10th place, one spot shy of the official final table.


Final Day Begins At 1:00 pm PDT

The final day of Event no. 45 – $10,000 World Championship of Pot-Limit Hold’em will certainly prove to be an exciting one. Overnight Day 1 and most of Day 2 chipleader Michael Brummelhuis was eliminated early in the money yesterday (21st – $24,066) after relinquishing the chiplead to Bryn Kenney (22nd – $24,066) sometime after the dinner break. Kenny would cruise a few levels with the lead until he got it in bad against Kevin Stammen (23rd – $24,066) and current chipleader John Kabbaj in a massive, three-way all in, double elimination pot. Kabbaj would grab the chiplead this hand and not look back. By the end of Level 20 Kabbaj had amassed nearly a quarter of the chips in play, lapping the field with 2,026,000; more than double J.C. Alvarado who currently sits in second place (924,000).

Day 3 begins at 1:00 pm PDT, so be sure to check back with as we bring you all of the action from this marquee event.

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