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Buy-In: $9,900 + $100
Prize Pool: $921,600
Entrants: 96

H.O.R.S.E Championship - Event 29

  • Feb 15, '09 - Feb 18, '09


Updates on Final Day (Feb 18, 09)


Scotty Nguyen Wins the $10,000 HORSE Event

Scotty Nguyen WinsThe final two players in the $10,000 HORSE event have come to a gentleman's agreement to chop up the prize money. As part of that agreement Scotty Nguyen is the champion of the tournament and Chino Rheem finishes in second place.


Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen,   Chino Rheem

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts heading into heads-up play:

Chino Rheem: 1,011,000
Scotty Nguyen: 1,010,000


No Horsing Around this Time

It looked like Scotty Nguyen's behavior might escalate during the final stages of  the final table and become a repeat of the WSOP HORSE event. But Nguyen remained cordial and composed during the final stages of the event, and despite offending Matt Graham after he eliminated him in fifth place, he was calm after that point.

Part of it may have been because tournament director Matt Savage came over to the final table when four-handed play began and warned the final table to stop talking about hands moving forward, but in any case Nguyen remained casual at the end of play.


Jeff Madsen Eliminated in Third Place ($122,573)

Jeff MadsenOmaha Eight-or-Better

Jeff Madsen was just eliminated when his straight flush draw failed to improve against Chino Rheem when he was all in on the river. Rheem held top two on a flop of K-5-2. The turn and river fell 9-10 and Rheem's hand was good when he revealed A-K-J-5 in the hole. Madsen mucked his missed draw and he was eliminated in third place. Madsen will take home $122,573 in prize money.


Player Tags: Chino Rheem,   Jeff Madsen

A HORSE Repeat?

Scotty NguyenScotty Nguyen is well on his way to winning another major HORSE tournament here at the LAPC after he won the $50,000 HORSE world championship at the 2008 WSOP. He has a large chip lead with three players remaining and he is looking strong.

Unfortunately, we are beginning to see signs that he might repeat the behavior that brought him much scorn after the HORSE final table aired on ESPN. As his chip stack has grown at this final table so has the level of Nguyen's voice. He specifically taunted Matt Graham after he busted him in fifth place in a manner that definitely crossed the line.

His behavior hasn't approached the levels it did last summer yet, but as the echo of his laugh rises up from the final table an awkward atmosphere has begun to set in among the players, staff, and fans on the rail as they wait and see if Nguyen has learned from his mistakes.

Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen

Chris Tsiprailidis Eliminated in Fourth Place ($86,630)

Chris TsiprailidisStud Eight-or-Better

Chris Tsiprailidis was all in on sixth street against Chino Rheem, and Rheem made both a nine-high straight and an 8-low to scoop the pot. Tsiprailidis was eliminated in fourth place and he will take home $86,630 in prize money.


Player Tags: Chris Tsiprailidis,   Chino Rheem

Matt Graham Eliminated in Fifth Place ($66,355)

Matt GrahamSeven-Card Stud

Matt Graham moved all in on fifth street and Scotty Nguyen called him down. Graham revealed KK to go with the exposed KA2 he held and Nguyen turned up 83 to go with his up cards of 99J. Graham was dealt the Q on sixth street, while Nguyen received the 6 to make a flush. Nguyen, said "Bye bye," when he realized he had drawn out on Graham to defeat him. Graham mucked his hand after peaking at his last down card and he walked away from the table as Nguyen laughed. Graham will take home $66,355 in prize money.


Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen,   Matt Graham

Level 21

The players are back in their seats and the levels are now as follows:

Hold'em/Omaha: 10,000-20,000 blinds with 20,000-40,000 limits
Stud/Razz/Stud 8OB: 5,000 ante with a 5,000 low card and 20,000 completion and 20,000-40,000 limits


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Scotty Nguyen on the Rise

Scotty NguyenStud Eight-or-Better

Scotty Nguyen contributes over 90,000 into a pot, pushing the action the whole way with 5JJ5 exposed against Jeff Madsen. Madsen had 2610J exposed when Nguyen bet another 30,000 on seventh street, but Madsen mucked and Nguyen is now the chip leader with more than 650,000.


Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen,   Jeff Madsen
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