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New Poker After Dark Features Mayfair Club Players

Premieres Tuesday at 2:05 A.M. on NBC


Match 36This week’s brand-new Poker After Dark episodes will feature six players who were regulars at the legendary Mayfair Club in New York City. They will each put up $20,000 for a winner-take-all tournament that will premiere Tuesday at 2:05 a.m. ET on NBC.

Jay Heimowitz, Howard Lederer, Mickey Appleman, Dan Harrington, Steve Zolotow, and Mike Shictman, former manager of the club, are all competing in this week’s show. The Mayfair Club served as learning laboratory for the budding poker players and was the premier underground poker club in New York from the mid 1980s until it was closed by authorities in 2000.

After the Tuesday 2:05 a.m. ET showing, the episodes will continue in the same timeslot for the next five nights. On Sunday at 1 a.m., a special “Director’s Cut” episode will air and recap the week’s action.

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over 12 years ago

i would like to know more history of the famous "mayfair club" and its players, previously unknown to me. i heard the above players talk about the backgammon, gin, and bridge tournaments played besides poker in the mayfair.
what were the membership requirements, the various stakes played, any female players, and some "classic" or memorable games of any sort played. is there anything comparable in las vegas today? like, is the "jockey club" a newer version of the mayfair? thanks, porqplayer