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Eddy Perry Wants To Help You Play Craps Like A Pro

35-Year Gambling Veteran Looking To Share His Secrets


Eddy Perry has been playing craps and betting sports professionally for the last 35 years, a remarkable feat considering the house edge associated with those forms of gambling.

Certainly, he must know what he’s doing. Just don’t ask him if he has a system.

“I don’t believe in systems, because every system can work depending on the table,” said Perry. “It just won’t work in the long run. A good craps player is flexible and can evaluate a table to make the most profitable play available.”

Perry, who learned how to shoot dice at the age of six, preaches about the importance of treating the game like its a business. Though he’s a professional gambler, he tries to limit the actual amount of gambles he takes by maximizing his wins and minimizing his losses, always utilizing correct strategy.

“A lot of gamblers start losing and play more to get it all back,” he said. “You need to have a stop loss. Believe it or not, you need a stop win, too. Some gamblers start winning and don’t know to quit when they’re ahead.”

Perry believes that poker players are the ideal candidates for his specialized one-on-one training and is hoping to offer his services as a gambling mentor of sorts.

“Poker players are perfect for this strategy,” Perry stated. “They are conditioned to be patient and are good at evaluating a table and adapting to changes.”

Perry says that in addition to teaching players the basics, he can show you…

  • How to recognize and adapt to the game in the moment
  • To play with the table, not just on the don’t
  • How to evaluate when and why to bet certain numbers
  • What makes a good bet

So what does this training cost?


Believe it or not, Perry doesn’t charge anything for his lessons. All he asks is that his winners share the wealth a little.

“I’m not here to take advantage of anybody,” he said. “I don’t want anyone quitting their job or thinking they will be millionaires. I’m just hoping I can help to swing the odds in their favor a little bit. If my students don’t win, they don’t have to give me anything. But if they happen to do well and want to show their appreciation, I have no problem with that.”

Aspiring gamblers can contact Perry at 818-691-8552 or email him at