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SpadeClub Vol. 22, No. 4 Card Player Magazine

$1 Million and Counting: SpadeClub Celebrates its First Anniversary

by Shawn Patrick Green

During an economic recession resulting in the house-of-cards-style collapse of a multitude of businesses, including some that were very well-known, one house of cards just kept on growing - and handing its customers money, to boot. - a novel, subscription-based online poker site ...

  • Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Poker Players Alone!

    by Julio Rodriguez

    In 2006, Shannon Shorr quit college at the University of Alabama to pursue his dream of becoming a professional poker player. He definitely wasn't alone. "It has become increasingly more common for college guys to put their education on hold ...continued

  • Inside Straight -- News

    by Card Player News Team

    2009 World Series of Poker Schedule Released Will Feature a $40,000 No-Limit Hold'em Event By Stephen A. Murphy The final-table delay is back. There will be no rebuys. There will be a $40,000 and a $1,000 no-limit hold'em event. There will be ...continued

  • Player of the Year

    by Tournament Reporters

    Aussie Millions, and First 2009 WPT and EPT Events Award Major Points By Ryan Luchessi So far, four major tournaments have awarded Card Player 2009 Player of the Year (POY) points. The top three spots on the leader board still belong to the first-, ...continued

  • Final-Table Takedown -- Allen Carter

    by Craig Tapscott

    Allen "AawwNutz" Carter is a part-time poker player and entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. He has a family and a successful business that have limited his live play thus far. He recently started playing more, and posted a deep run in the 2008 ...continued

  • Railbird Roundtable

    by Bryan Devonshire

    In this new Card Player column, Bryan Devonshire and a cast of well-known pros provide their opinions on many different hands -- everything from no-limit hold'em to badugi -- that were played recently in the high-stakes poker world. Gavin Smith ...continued

  • Generation Next -- Steven Burkholder

    by Craig Tapscott

    Look, up in the rankings! It's not a fish, not a donkey. It's an online player running well: more aggressive than a rabid pit bull, more powerful than a disintegrating bankroll, and able to leap bad beats with a single two-outer - at least ...continued

  • Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Aaron Jones

    by Craig Tapscott

    Want to study real poker hands with the Internet's most successful players? In this series, Card Player offers hand analysis with online poker's leading talent. Hand No. 1 Event Heads-up Full Tilt Poker cash game Players 2 Stacks Aaron Jones ...continued

  • Card Player Pro

    by Dani Stern

    For this column, I decided to find a hand that I played in a completely bizarre and unconventional manner. On the river, I both bet as a bluff and called for value. Didn't think that was possible? Well, do not worry, I am not sure it is, either - ...continued

  • Mind Over Poker

    by David Apostolico

    I'm about halfway through Malcolm Gladwell's eye-opening new book Outliers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gladwell's work, his intention is to get the reader to challenge accepted wisdom. The status quo being questioned in ...continued

  • The Scoop -- Tom McEvoy

    by The Scoop

    Tom McEvoy is considered one of the most influential players in the game, having helped pave the way for tournament specialists. He's won more than $2.6 million in tournaments, including a World Series of Poker main-event win in 1983 and three ...continued

  • Capture the Flag -- Jennifer Harman

    by Kristy Arnett

    Jennifer Harman is the only woman to consistently compete in the "Big Game," and was a member of the group of poker professionals famously known as The Corporation who banded together in order to play banker Andy Beal heads up for millions ...continued

  • A New Deal for Online Poker With Obama Administration?

    by Justin Marchand

    Roll Call covers Capitol Hill policy and behind-the-scenes political developments better than any other publication. The paper is published Monday through Thursday when Congress is in session, and recently it ran an editorial that every poker fan ...continued

  • Double-Edged Sword

    by Phil Hellmuth

    On Dec. 16, I was playing day three of the $15,000 buy-in WPT (World Poker Tour) Doyle Brunson Classic at Bellagio. After day two, with 130 players remaining, I was one of the chip leaders, and was full of confidence. You see, all of my bluffs had ...continued

  • When is it OK to Call a Floorman?

    by Todd Brunson

    This is a question that you hear discussed quite a bit in poker rooms. You call a floorman for a multitude of reasons: clarification of rules, table changes, to get chips, to get on lists, a problem with a dealer, to make the guy next to you go to his ...continued

  • Don't Be Too Careful

    by Roy Cooke

    "If I'm not careful, I might get even," the stuck tourist sitting next to me in the $30-$60 limit hold'em game stated with a grin. He was right; if he wasn't going to play with an overly careful mindset, he just might get even. ...continued

  • Extracting Bonus Value on Dry Boards

    by Ed Miller

    Dry boards sometimes offer a golden opportunity to get extra value for your medium-strength hands, like top pair. Many players are always looking to sniff out a bluff on a dry board, and you can use that fact to your advantage if you have a hand that ...continued

  • Practical Probability - Part III

    by Steve Zolotow

    My last column looked a bit at the topics of outs and odds. In brief, outs are the cards that will win for you. If there is more than one card to come, outs are sequences that will win. In some cases, some of your outs will lead to a tie, in which ...continued

  • Shorthanded Limit Hold'em Strategy

    by Matthew Hilger

    This column includes excerpts from the new, expanded edition of Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies for Full-Ring and Short-Handed Games. My last column looked at the three biggest mistakes that players make in shorthanded limit ...continued

  • Bluffing in Limit Hold'em: Mission Impossible?

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    In my last column, I introduced the three possibilities for bluffing on the turn: 1. Everyone checked the flop. 2. Someone else bet the flop. 3. You bet the flop. I discussed the first one in detail. To find the previous columns in this series, please ...continued

  • 'If I Fold, Will You Show?'

    by Matt Lessinger

    The game was $15-$30 limit hold'em. I had never played with the player in seat 5 before, but I soon discovered that he was one of those nonstop chatterboxes, especially during a hand. If the flop came king high and an opponent bet, he'd ...continued

  • Pot-Limit Omaha Quiz

    by Jeff Hwang

    It's a five-handed 50¢-$1 pot-limit Omaha game online (six-max). You ($100) are dealt the K Q 10 7 on the button. 1. The under-the-gun player ($90) limps in. The cutoff folds. You should: a. Fold b. Call c. Raise Action: You raise to $4.50. ...continued

  • History's Worst Poker Players

    by Bob Ciaffone

    Who are the worst poker players in history? I am not looking for people who actually played the game of poker. Rather, I am talking about people who made huge poker-type mistakes in the game of life. As you know, I enjoy applying ideas from the game ...continued

  • The Ageless Wisdom of John Fox

    by John Vorhaus

    Every now and then, I forget my poker. Not my "what beats what?" of course; I still remember that a straight beats a flush. Rather, I forget what brought me into the game in the first place, how I got hooked on it and why I've always ...continued

  • Misery Loves Company

    by Max Shapiro

    The scariest movie I have ever seen is one called Misery. Based on the novel by horror-master Stephen King, the plot centers around a writer named Paul Sheldon, who has just completed his latest novel in a Colorado lodge. While driving home on a ...continued

  • My Confrontation With the Beast

    by Matt Matros

    It's the situation every supersatellite player dreads. He gets to the final table with a comfortable amount of chips, and with plenty of margin for error. He has an excellent chance to simply fold every hand and win his seat. He's cruising ...continued