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2015 CPPT bestbet Jacksonville -- Darryll Fish On Day 1A

… Mermelstein and Darryll Fish. Card Player TV caught up with fish on the …

Poker Strategy -- Reasons for Betting with Darryll Fish

… reasons to bet? Poker pro Darryll Fish goes over the reasons for …

2011 WPT LAPC Final Table Preview

Card Player TV brings you a preview of the final table of the 2011 WPT LA Poker Classic, including chip counts, player info, and interviews with Carlos Mortensen, Vivek Rajkumar, Darryll Fish and Steve Gross.

2011 LAPC: David 'Bakes' Baker

Only 12 players remain in the 2011 WPT LA Poker Classic, and there are plenty of big names left as this event plays down to a final table of six, including David ‘Bakes’ Baker, who spoke to Card Player TV on a break.

2011 WPT LAPC: Darryll Fish on Day 3

It’s late on day 3 of the 2011 WPT LA Poker Classic and Darryll Fish is toward the top of the chip counts. Card Player TV caught up with Fish on break to discuss his day, and this tournaments great structure.

Poker Strategy -- Three-Betting With Adam Levy and Darryll Fish

Poker pros Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy and Darryll Fish give strategy advice regarding reraising, also known as three-betting. They discuss good situations in which to three bet, the kinds of hands you should three-bet and more.

New Years Eve -- Poker Pro's Resolutions and Tips for 2010

Poker pros like Phil Laak, Adam Junglen, and Isabelle Mercier have New Year’s resolutions just like you. In this video, a handful of pros share their resolutions, as well as some tips for improving your game in 2010.

Poker Strategy -- Darryll Fish on Playing Big Pairs Early

Poker pro Darryll Fish discusses some of the factors that effect how to play big pocket pairs early on in deep stacked tournaments in this strategy video from Card Player TV.

Poker Strategy -- Folding Big Hands Preflop

Card Player TV talks to poker pros Amit Makhija, Noah Schwartz and Darryll Fish about folding huge hands, like pocket kings preflop, and if it’s gotten harder to do so correctly with the increased aggression in the game the past few years.

2009 WPT Five-Diamond Classic -- End of Day 1

Card Player TV brings you an update on the 2009 WPT Five-Diamond Doyle Brunson Classic, including an interview with one of the early chip leaders, Darryll Fish.

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