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Legendary Sports Bettor Billy Walters Pardoned By Donald Trump

by Steve Schult | Published: Jan 20, '21

… legendary sports bettor Billy Walters. The 74-year- … Walters blamed professional golfer Phil Mickelson for his conviction. WaltersBilly Walters. I think that was a legitimate pardon because Billy … of “prosecutorial misconduct.” Walters argued that the …

Legendary Sports Bettor Billy Walters To Be Released From Prison

by Steve Schult | Published: Apr 30, '20

… allow legendary sports bettor Billy Walters to serve the rest … Pensacola, Florida this weekend. Walters has served more … Walters blamed golf pro Phil Mickelson for the conviction. Walters … because of “prosecutorial misconduct.” Walters argued that the …

Legendary Sports Bettor Billy Walters' Appeal Denied By Federal Judge

by Steve Schult | Published: Oct 07, '19

… year prison sentence cut short. Billy Walters, who built an estimated … ’ by Walters. In a 2018 interview with ESPN, Walters blamed … Walters. As a way to help him repay that debt, Walters … . Securities and Exchange Commission. Walters will finish out his …

Legendary Sports Bettor Billy Walters Blames Golfer Phil Mickelson For Prison Sentence

by Brian Pempus | Published: Mar 30, '18

… Infamous Las Vegas sports bettor Billy Walters is currently serving time in … to be Walters’ friend, fed Walters the tips. Despite the conviction, Walters maintains his innocence. In an interview with ESPN, Walters explained …

Ex-CEO Who Stole $100K From Battered Women's Charity To Cover Blackjack Losses Sentenced

by Brian Pempus | Published: Oct 20, '17

… Vegas sports gambler Billy Walters is sending the … Walters, received two years himself Thursday in Manhattan federal court. WaltersWalters “a cheater and a criminal.” Davis admitted to feeding Walters … needed money from Walters. Walters allegedly helped him …

Legendary Las Vegas Sports Gambler Ordered To Forfeit $25 Million

by Brian Pempus | Published: Sep 21, '17

… infamous Las Vegas sports bettor Billy Walters was ordered Wednesday by … Bloomberg report. In July, Walters was sentenced to five … witness. Walters will report to prison in October. Walters, 71, … ’t likely to bankrupt Walters. The businessman has golf …

Sports Bettor Billy Walters Sentenced To Five Years In Prison Over Insider Trading Scheme

by Brian Pempus | Published: Jul 27, '17

… and Las Vegas businessman Billy Walters was sentenced Thursday to … 2011 report from CBS. “Billy Walters is a cheater and … Walters helped him out in exchange for the illegal tips. Walters’ … support for sports bettor Billy Walters ahead of sentencing: pic. …

Sports Gambler Billy Walters Convicted Of Insider Trading

by Brian Pempus | Published: Apr 10, '17

… Those were the words of Billy Walters, one of the world’ … conviction will be appealed. Walters was permitted to return … his family while he waits. Walters’ powerful friends include billionaire … money, according to prosecutors. Walters helped him out in …

Former Dean Foods Chairman Dusted Off $150K In Single Blackjack Hand: Report

by Brian Pempus | Published: Mar 22, '17

… Las Vegas sports bettor Billy Walters (pictured) and the former … money from Walters, 70, according to prosecutors. Walters allegedly helped … Walters could get 8-10 years in prison. Barry Berke, Walters’ … and false finger-pointing.” Walters was called “the most …

Legendary Sports Gambler's Insider Trading Case To Begin In Early 2017

by Brian Pempus | Published: Dec 27, '16

… Las Vegas sports bettor Billy Walters scored a small win … during the 2014 investigation into Walters, according to a report … is cooperating with the government. Walters allegedly made $110 million … recognized and lauded. Mr. Walters and his counsel look …

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