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Copenhagen - finally, a post!

&#8230; chips til I doubled up Scott Montgomery JJ < AQ for his last &#8230;

2011 Poker Goals

&#8230; bump past Antoine Saout and Scott Montgomery into 29th place. It's &#8230;

Joe Navarro in Toronto, Stout at Foxwoods

&#8230; Watkinson, Greg Mueller, Gavin Smith, Scott Montgomery and a great player whom &#8230;

My Hand of the Week and a GREAT video to watch!

&#8230; Do (second), Nam Le (fourth), Scott Montgomery (fifth), and me (sixth). Last &#8230;

Getting to know the FullTilt final tablers.

&#8230; Kelly Kim, Craig Marquis and Scott Montgomery. These were all three very &#8230; a "big name" in poker. Scott Montgomery is 3rd in chips. He &#8230;

WSOP ME Rooting Interests

&#8230; Marquis Brandon Cantu Owen Crowe Scott Montgomery I busted from the Venetian &#8230;

Complete Recap of Bellagio 3000 Win

&#8230; in Gerson Mosbacher and Scott Montgomery. Amazingly, both of these &#8230; bet 400. Montgomery called. Turn Ac. Montgomery checked, and I &#8230; Banwari, Pete de Best, Scott Montgomery and a random guy. &#8230; Montgomery called. Flop AK5 rainbow. I decided to check. Montgomery &#8230;

In the Money, On to Day 2 of Bellagio 3000

&#8230; Kravchenko, William Thorsson, Andy Philachack, Scott Montgomery, Stuart Patterson, and the overly &#8230; with Philachack, de Best, and Montgomery all to my direct left &#8230; but two to my right. Montgomery ran like God today and &#8230;