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Presidential Candidate, Poker Celebs Oppose Internet Gambling Ban

… World Series of Poker champ, an inductee to the Poker Hall of Fame, and author of the poker bible … the first poker celebs to set up his own online poker platform … identity theft, fraud or other criminal acts. Canterbury also notes that …

WSOP: The Matusow Penalty

… my past. Having been a criminal defense attorney for almost 30 … . Retirement is peaceful and my poker hobby is fun and invigorating … ruling in the history of poker. (with emphasis on the word …

DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Be enough of an artist to draw freely on your imagination.”

… to be the two leading criminal lawyers in the world. I … their upcoming induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. I was … more problems right now. Internet poker -DB

DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”

… ’t play any serious poker. I admire the negative … Lee Chagra was a brilliant criminal lawyer who never lost … is eating him up. Play poker. LeeTheStrikerChagra probably struggles to … about poker because he continuously insults Daniel Negreanu and other poker …

Devilfish ⎯ Godfather of Crime?

… surrounded by poker people and laughter. His wit at the poker table … cash games who financed his poker losses through his earnings … my story. Firstly, between playing poker and partying, the man … let alone look after a criminal empire. Secondly, if you’ve …

Private Poker Games; Worth The Risk?

… of the game. Lots of poker games have been robbed over … was also a well-known criminal, towards the end of a … that robbery of an underground poker club in NY where a … /2008/04/conflicting-reports-taj-poker-stabbing.htm I guess that …

Card Player Magazine, Flying,

… the mind of a poker player. I guess that … want only to hear about poker: STOP READING HERE. wait … make you feel like a criminal as you go through … this have to do with poker, Well, quite frankly nothing. … me to stick only to poker, as some readers have …


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Large_56801scr_d186177fe15c502 Daniel Negreanu
Las Vegas, NV, CAN
Large_markkroon-6 Mark Kroon
Madison, WI, USA
Missing Jonathan Bardier
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