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The (Bracelet) Rich Get (Bracelet) Richer At The World Series Of Poker

by Erik Fast |  Published: Dec 01, '21

… ,500 deuce-to-seven triple draw lowball event to complete the … two online bracelet events to wrap up in recent weeks were …

Omaha Eight-Or-Better: What To Look For In A Starting Hand

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… the nut low or a draw to it, our opponents’ … be dealt a better low draw. Although this includes some … the form of low straight wrap draws. 2. Suited Hands … playability as it is a draw that provides many outs … having the second-best low draw is very real, we …

Poker Strategy: Omaha Eight-Or-Better Fundamentals With Randy Ohel

by Steve Schult |  Published: May 05, '21

… $10,000 2-7 triple draw, the 2016 $10,000 seven … did about 2-7 triple draw (2-7TD), you mentioned that … a weak low and a wrap. He probably wouldn’t call … the 2019 $1,500 triple draw event and the 2019 $1 … , the 2013 $2,500 triple draw, and both the 2015 and …

Final Table Takedown With Ryan Laplante

by Steve Schult |  Published: Jan 01, '20

wrap or flop a pair and a straight draw and a flush draw … bare wrap or the bottom end of a wrap, … a pair and a draw and just stack … draw, or a pair, straight draw and a flush draw. Or the flush draw with the semi-wrap

Final Table Takedown: Anthony Zinno On His Second WSOP Bracelet Win

by Steve Schult |  Published: Aug 28, '19

… and a potentially good low draw, but Burt’s hand … often flops a mediocre low draw and a mediocre high hand … be up against a wrap and a low draw or something like … nuts with the nut low draw? While it is still … a good low draw and a high or draw. SS: How would …

This Week’s Big Winner: Chicken-Wielding Poker Player Frank Stepuchin Wins World Poker Tour Gardens Poker Championship

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Apr 24, '19

…  WPT, and the second to wrap up at the HyperX Esports … pair with a busted flush draw, but Stepuchin’s set of … pair and a gutshot straight draw. According to the Card Player …

Welcome To Cynn City! John Cynn Wins 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Aug 15, '18

… as the last tournament to wrap up. This year, the $10 … set and Zobian a flush draw. The turn was the K …

When I Was A Donk: With Brandon Shack-Harris

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Apr 11, '18

… high, giving me a flush draw. He just potted, committing himself … hand. I had the flush draw, I had backdoor redraws, and … . I turned a wrap to go with my flush draw, but he …

Rule No. 1

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jan 03, '18

… a huge draw with the top wrap and second nut low draw on … the flop with no low draw. Big O is a game … some sort of good low draw, it would be an easy …

Capture the Flag With Joshua Beckley

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Nov 25, '15

… -flop, or possibly a flush [draw] if you have a suited … in with just a flush draw or just not a really … top set or a better draw. BP: Blocker bets are popular … the other person had a wrap. BP: In hold’em, people … when you have a good draw? JB: Yeah, I like to …

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