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Profiling Opponents in the Absence of Statistical Convergence Pt. II

by Jeff Hwang |  Published: Jun 27, '12

… from the “experts” at the table if you were to stand … . Given some time at the table and some information on your … without becoming a check-raise magnet. For the most part, in …

Pumping the Pot

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Sep 27, '02

… going on at the poker table these days. One of my … well build bigger pots - a magnet for people to stay in …

Stepchildren Striking Back: Poker Players as Casino Customers

by Nolan Dalla |  Published: Sep 28, '01

… hotel rooms, meals, and occasional table-game play – the actual figure … a year at the poker table contributes $5,000 in annual … . What about poker as a magnet that attracts additional casino business …


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