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Big Pair Preflop Betting

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Apr 01, '15

… to about $90. The two fellows on my right folded and …

Men of Action: Gunfighter/Gambler John Wesley Hardin

by Bob Pajich |  Published: Jan 22, '14

… myself pretty well from such fellows in a game of draw …

How to Begin a Session — Epilogue

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jan 18, '11

When I completed Part VII of the “How to Begin a Session” series in the last issue, I thought I was done. But I got an e-mail from a close friend, telling me that I had left out something important. Specifically, he told me to include the fact that too …

The Pokertician

by James McManus |  Published: Jan 09, '09

… a lot about the other fellows' ability to make sound decisions …

PokerStars: The True King of the WSOP Main Event

by Shawn Patrick Green |  Published: Nov 14, '08

… . Who were those two fortunate fellows? Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer …

World Series of Poker 2008: The Story So Far

|  Published: Aug 01, '08

… in eighth place after Zach Fellows and Jimmy Shultz both had … 9 5 K Q before Fellows flipped up the K 8 …

Two Burn Holes in a Blanket

by James McManus |  Published: Jun 25, '08

… a lot about the other fellows' ability to make good decisions …

Ike, Dick, and Stanley

by James McManus |  Published: Mar 26, '08

… of getting "to know his fellows, not in foxholes but across …

The Mirror, the Riffle, the Shift, and the Shark

by James McManus |  Published: Oct 24, '07

fellows down there, and are not there for their health. You fellows … death, unavoidable: "as these young fellows continue to play, their morals …

Nathan Bedford Forrest

by James McManus |  Published: Jun 26, '07

… men. Unlike poker-playing regular fellows like Forrest, John Bell Hood …

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