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The Softening Of ‘Angry’ John Monnette

by Steve Schult |  Published: Dec 01, '21

… of the time away from the felt and spend time with his … on making the most optimal decision in a nosebleed-stakes cash … was awesome,” Monnette admitted. “Spending time with Willa in the beginning … it was a good decision. The best decision was to take the …

Seven Card Stud Eight-Or-Better: Defending The Bring-In

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Dec 01, '21

… -Or-Better (Stud 8), the decision on whether or not to … through around 36% of the time to auto-profit. The risk … get through 53% of the time. We should therefore defend our …

Head Games: The Vital Importance Of Aggression

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… table to pass the time, the mere act of … it worked for a long time. Eventually, the general player … later stages. The best time to set the tone … collect prior to making our decision. While much of tournament … can take a bit of time to understand the player. …

Battling Jake Schindler At A High Roller Final Table: Round 2

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… also spent a lot of time playing cash or mixed- … had spent some of my time during the pandemic studying … decision to raise makes sense, but he picked the wrong time … He has been a full-time gambler for over 40 … most of his Vegas gaming time to poker, and can …

Contracts and Poker: The Hellmuth Rant

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… of the casino at any time. Any Participant who uses such … nothing was done at the time, or when the player is … luck, [he] would win every time.” If that is the case … means I made the right decision. After all, one of the …

Mask Mumbling: An Interesting Tournament Ruling

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… this, it’s that (different) time of year for poker players … fairness are top priorities in decision-making. Unusual circumstances occasionally dictate …

PokerCoaching Hand Quiz: Barreling Off In A Multi-Way Pot Out Of Position

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Nov 17, '21

… reraised some portion of the time, call and see the flop … is way too strong. This time you raised to 700 and … a decent amount of the time. Make a point to not … to bet 2,000. This time you bet 2,000 … due to sheer aggression. Good decision! For access to more than …

Shannon Shorr: How He Took His Game To Another Level In 2021

by Steve Schult |  Published: Nov 03, '21

… try to make the best decision and not worry about … try and make the best decision.” For most of his … is often worth the time spent,” said Shorr. “I … be able to spend more time discovering some other interests … several hours at a time,” said Shorr. “And I …

The WSOP Main Event: A Historical Look At Poker’s Greatest Tournament

by Erik Fast |  Published: Oct 20, '21

… it accomplished that goal,” 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Doyle Brunson … ever world champion (for the time being). The 1991 WSOP tournament … 500 entries for the first time. The strong turnout saw Chris … series. “This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and …

Back To Basics: Continuation Betting

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Oct 20, '21

… previous street. Most of the time, c-betting refers to … c-bet 100% of the time, against any number of … because about half of the time they will both have … if you c-bet every time, you will be betting … the flop to randomize the decision for us, in a sense …

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