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How Michael Soyza Went From $7 Buy-Ins To Playing Phil Ivey Heads-Up

by Erik Fast |  Published: Apr 22, '20

… ’t want to gamble. Gambling is not good, count … still this stigma about gambling, it’s very negative. ‘ … . The stigma attached to gambling is the first barrier. … right now, is kind of predatory. It’s basically the … end, once the VIPs stop playing, it’s just …

Winners Attack Weak Players

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Aug 07, '09

… Poker is a predatory game, and all successful predators … beat. “You imbecile! You should stop playing poker!” You can also … uncommon. Love of fun and gambling: Profitable poker is pretty boring …

Freud and Poker

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 23, '03

… get the kick of wild gambling. If you can't harness … play, because poker is so predatory, devious, and deceptive. If the … guilty about being deceptive and predatory, we probably can't win … something, but the superego will stop us or cause us to …

Play to Live or Live to Play?

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Feb 14, '03

… , and those who stop studying the game generally stop winning. 2. Every … way. Poker is indeed a predatory game in which many people … right at the corner, or stop in at a different bar … I meet outside of the gambling world are fascinated to meet …