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Look Out: Owais Ahmed

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Aug 24, '11

… world.” Ahmed is originally from Pakistan, and he now resides … is from Pakistan,” said Ahmed. “I’m just representing Pakistan in the … honor. Growing up, I watched Pakistan win the Field Hockey … Cricket World Cup, and now … Pakistan has [another] World Series …

Sports Desk

by Aidan Elder |  Published: May 01, '10

… most. Likewise, its near neighbours Pakistan and Sri Lanka have also … appeal in backing defending champions, Pakistan to retain their title at …

The Committee: How to Start a Poker Underground

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Jan 01, '10

… Lahore, Pakistan, 2004. Gambling is illegal, poker … party talking to one of Pakistan’s biggest rock stars, the … above plus driveways around bonfires. Pakistan seems to be fond of … sites, might be banned in Pakistan, there seems to be exactly …

Doomsday Don Visits Barstow

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jun 25, '08

… impending meltdowns in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan; or notices of … if he heard anything about Pakistan, the rustic would scratch his …

The Rattler's Bad Beat

by Max Shapiro |  Published: May 23, '07

… second incident happened in Hyderabad, Pakistan. The Reuters news agency reported …

Drawing Red Lines in the Desert, or How (Not) to Bluff a Martyr - Part II

by James McManus |  Published: Jan 31, '07

… A.Q. Khan, godfather of Pakistan's bomb, that he smuggled …

Drawing Red Lines in the Desert, or How (Not) to Bluff a Martyr - Part I

by James McManus |  Published: Jan 17, '07

… had sought warhead designs from Pakistan while developing long-range missiles …

The Inside Straight

|  Published: Jul 01, '06

… Farha (Lebanon), and Hasan Habib (Pakistan) Group 2: Humberto Brenes (Costa …

My Fab 52 Players to Watch

by Lee Munzer |  Published: Jun 27, '06

… Habib: Born and raised in Pakistan, the amicable 44-year-old …

CP The Inside Straight

by CP The Inside Straight Authors |  Published: May 30, '06

… Farha (Lebanon), and Hasan Habib (Pakistan) Group 2: Humberto Brenes (Costa …

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