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Live 2021 World Series Of Poker Officially Announced For Sept. 30 – Nov. 23

by Erik Fast |  Published: May 05, '21

… 000 no-limit hold’em main event that players know and love … live main event was announced last-minute in November, it bothered online main eventmain event. Salas earned $2,550,969 as the champion in the event … Europe no-limit hold’em main event and a €50,000 …

Women In Poker: Dealing With Adversity

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 05, '21

… at the EPT San Remo main event. Liu lives in Vancouver, Canada … years, she worked the WSOP main event on ESPN alongside Lon McEachern …

Poker Strategy: Omaha Eight-Or-Better Fundamentals With Randy Ohel

by Steve Schult |  Published: May 05, '21

… second-best finish in the event, behind the runner-up performance … 2019 $1,500 triple draw event and the 2019 $1, … limit Omaha eight-or-better event. Elezra went on to finish … 2013 L.A. Poker Classic main event and the 2018 WSOP $10 … max no-limit hold’em event. ♠

Poker Leaderboard: All-Time WSOP Earnings

by Card Player News Team |  Published: May 05, '21

… score in a bracelet event back in 2003. The … One For One Drop event back in 2012, outlasting … $1 million buy-in event for just shy of $ … the 2013 WSOP APAC main event. Rounding out the top … who have also won the main event, including Jonathan Duhamel, Joe …

Contracts and Poker: Where Are You?

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: May 05, '21

… winner of the 2018 WCOOP main event for rules violations that may …

WSOP Schedule Hype!

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: May 05, '21

… even think about missing the main event. I looked forward to seeing … it, you've bubbled the Main and are stuck $50k w …

Head Games: Position And Having The Lead In Tournament Play

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 21, '21

… you get to be the main decider of pot size and … WPT L.A. Poker Classic main event. He has $6 million in …

Ankush Mandavia Discusses His Triumphant Return To The Live Tournament Scene

by Erik Fast |  Published: Apr 21, '21

… run in the CPPT Venetian main event, the pent-up demand for … CPPT $2,500 buy-in main event at Venetian [in late February … played was the CPPT Venetian main event, which you ended up winning … Wynn Spring Classic $3,500 main event, which I finished tenth in …

Poker Leaderboard: Main Event Winners Earnings (Not Including Main Event Win)

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Apr 21, '21

… World Series of Poker main event has consistently been the … world champions. But among main event winners, who has done … successful main event champion from this modern era has been 2015 main event … are the only other main event winners from the post- …

Take Some Time To Recognize Your Run Good

by Nathan Gamble |  Published: Apr 21, '21

… seat into their $3,000 main event. I quickly withdrew the … I needed after playing their event. The days trickled by … online. After playing UB’s main event a week prior and … $1,500 PLO8/b Event, the second in the … WSOP $600 PLO8/b event. A fixture of the …

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