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Capture the Flag With Dan O’Brien

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Nov 12, '14

… a lot of players, and intrastate gaming just doesn’t allow …

Now That We're Getting Back Online

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Dec 11, '13

… .S. state after another legalizes intrastate online poker, and as the …

2012 Poker Year In Review

by Justin Marchand |  Published: Jan 09, '13

… the first license to operate intrastate web poker in United States … capable of sustaining a profitable intrastate online poker industry thanks to …

Online Poker’s Reemergence

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Oct 31, '12

… most immediate plans call for intrastate poker rooms, which are hard … : Given the potential competition between intrastate poker rooms, it might lead … later, we will move past intrastate poker rooms and hopefully have …

Ready Or Not, Online Poker Is Coming

by Ed Miller |  Published: Sep 19, '12

… legalized online poker on an intrastate basis (exclusively for residents of …

David Sands: Finding Balance in a Poker Life

by Brian Pempus |  Published: May 02, '12

… ready for Nevada implementing an intrastate system. The way the online …

Ben Lamb Wins 2011 Player of the Year Race

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Feb 08, '12

… Internet poker sites within an intrastate industry, Lamb will soon have …

Jason Wheeler Wins 2011 Card Player Online Player of the Year Race

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Feb 08, '12

… December by adopting regulations for intrastate online poker. If and when …

The Year in Review: A Trip Through Poker’s Biggest Stories of 2011

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 11, '12

… establish the nation’s first intrastate online poker system. In … the nation’s first intrastate online poker system, and … of PokerStars to push intrastate poker. However, one week … Commission adopted regulations for an intrastate online poker industry. The …

A Look at a Future U.S. Online Poker Market

by Brian Pempus |  Published: Oct 19, '11

… plug record deficits, could approve intrastate poker in early 2012. At … Vegas. In March, amidst an intrastate backed bill by soon to … , California is actively considering an intrastate system, despite efforts stalling for …

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