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GT-NO: Sometimes You Always Fold

by David Sklansky |  Published: May 01, '24

… sometimes, but not always, continue bluffing on the turn, and, if …

Six Ways To Play Better Against Three-Bets From Out Of Position

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: Apr 17, '24

… Barrel Bluffing? If you’ve never seen your opponent get caught bluffing … are capable of triple barrel bluffing. No one pitches a perfect … seen this person get caught bluffing before in large pots. You …

GT-NO: Game Theory Optimal 101 and 201

by David Sklansky |  Published: Apr 17, '24

… “polarized.” The guy is either bluffing or you definitely have him … he or isn’t he bluffing” which means that to stick … someone who is obviously either bluffing or betting a hand you …

Start Bluffing!

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 03, '24

If you want to increase your poker skills and learn to crush the games, check out Jonathan Little’s elite training site at One of the most common mistakes many amateur poker players make is that they only bet when they have …

Five Ways To Bluff More

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: Mar 20, '24

… Training Package at Bluffing is one of the greatest … want to have more success bluffing, you should focus on the … bluffing. Most of their opponents are not capable of triple barrel bluffing

Dara O’Kearney: How Should You Play To Move Up In Stakes? 

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… seek to exploit them by bluffing more frequently. By contrast, … you’re never caught bluffing, you’re not bluffing enough. A lesser … this particular opponent is under bluffing. After you fold, you get … opponent might still be under bluffing in this spot, just …

Being A Bully

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… he checks the turn, semi-bluffing makes no sense. The river …

Theory Of Poker Author David Sklansky On Being a GTO Deviant

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Feb 21, '24

… . The game theory involved bluffing vs. not bluffing, which made [the concept …

GT-NO: The Perfect Strategy… For A Computer

by David Sklansky |  Published: Feb 21, '24

… is no bluffing. But of course, there is plenty of bluffing in … example, don’t use GTO bluffing frequencies against someone who never …

Offensive And Defensive Three-Bet Strategies

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 21, '24

… would include not four-bet bluffing and or not stacking off …

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