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How the World Series of Poker Came to Be

by Greg Dinkin |  Published: May 09, '03

… . Benny Binion, who died on Christmas Day in 1989, would be … ). See the ad in this issue to purchase the book.

Interacting With Folks on Different Levels of the Poker 'Food Chain'

by Andrew N.S. Glazer |  Published: Jan 03, '03

… I warned you about last issue). I know lots of poker … that this issue of Card Player is coming out near Christmas, maybe … good games in the next issue. Novice players: They are similar … choice, of course, but next issue we'll look at some …

Mindset for Football 2002

by Chuck Sippl |  Published: Aug 30, '02

… might set aside money for Christmas or vacations, you should set … popular 48-page football preview issue is now on the newsstands …

The Larry Flynt Roast

|  Published: Aug 16, '02

… him in the next Hustler issue dressed as a Nazi S … generosity in giving him a Christmas bonus that might be enough …

Bon Appetit! Commerce Casino's Food and Beverage Department Caters to Players' Tastes

|  Published: Feb 15, '02

… never been the most important issue that we consider; quality is … selected holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day …

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