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Poker Strategy -- Lex Veldhuis on Bluffing

Poker pro Lex Veldhuis discusses some of the considerations involved when deciding when and how to bluff an opponent.

All Inbox -- Justin Bonomo Answers Your Poker Questions

Poker pro Justin Bonomo answers a Card Player TV viewer’s question regarding how they played pocket aces on a scary board against an unknown opponent in a cash game.

All Inbox -- Jason Mercier Answers Your Poker Questions

Poker pro Jason Mercier answers questions from Card Player TV viewers regarding his rise up the tournament ranks, what to do if you see an opponent’s cards, and more on this episode of the ‘All Inbox.’

Zachary Clark: Floor!

Card Player TV catches a hand where the floor was called on Zachary Clark by his opponent who accused him of making a string bet.

Greg Raymer: Optimal Strategy

Greg Raymer talks about playing an unexploitable game theoretic strategy heads-up against an unfamiliar opponent.

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