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What Losing 40 Tournaments In A Row Should Tell You About Your Poker Game

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Nov 18, '20

… to most professional players, many amateurs come up with severely incorrect …

High-Stakes Poker Pro Kahle Burns Travels The World Looking For Action

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Nov 04, '20

… hunt people, and [they draw amateurs] because people enjoy the thrill … is so much less, that amateurs just get fleeced so fast …

Re-Entry and Rebuy Tournaments: Part 3 - Late Registration

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Nov 04, '20

… low and there are more amateurs or satellite winners still in …

Poker Stories Podcast With Houston Curtis

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Aug 26, '20

… crush a game full of amateurs. He chopped it up real …

Is Phil Hellmuth’s Ego Really Too Big… Or Has He Become A Victim Of ‘Brat’ Hazing

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Aug 12, '20

… most bracelets won! To these amateurs out there who live to … of Phil’s reads on amateurs, because the TV tables usually …

All-Time Tournament Cashes Leader ‘Miami’ John Cernuto Discusses His Storied Career

by Erik Fast |  Published: Jul 01, '20

… younger pros and even serious amateurs who’d like to follow …

Common Poker Mistakes

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jul 01, '20

… This initial success leads most amateurs to be overconfident in their … aspects of the game. Most amateurs develop a default strategy based … On the other hand, many amateurs keep a relatively small … poker. This often results in amateurs caring way too much …

Poker Bot Expert Steve Blay Goes All-In On… And Wins!

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Mar 25, '20

… of chess games played by amateurs and have it learn to …

Variance: Part 1

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Mar 25, '20

… month matter? That is when amateurs get their pay checks and …

Big Bets and Short Thinks

by Matt Matros |  Published: Jan 15, '20

… , let alone their body language. Amateurs, however, are often trying so … you the nuts. Another way amateurs tend to leak information is …

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