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Sports Betting And Closing Line Value With Doc's Sports Service

by Card Player News Team | Published: Feb 11, '20

… the best value and Doc’s Sports +EV Sports Betting Syndicate is … books and the +EV Sport Betting Syndicate demolished the oddsmakers after … betting sports, sign up for their free trial of the +EV Betting … towards the purchase of +EV betting Syndicate, or any of …

Poker Strategy With Gavin Griffin -- Why Are You Betting?

by Gavin Griffin | Published: Jun 22, '12

… You are only ever betting for value or as a bluff. … to fold. You’re betting for value when you are trying … absolutely no showdown value and must bluff, and betting a value hand as … fundamental understanding of bluffing and value betting. If you have top-pair …

Poker Student Questions and Answers

by Card Player News Team | Published: Feb 06, '12

… talk about the importance of betting for value in cash games? A … you cooler your opponent. Betting for value is vital to your bottom … range of options to get value out of a hand you … kicker), because learning how to value these types of situations will …

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Magazine Article Results

Five Ways To Bluff More

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: Mar 20, '24

… protect their hand and get value from it. What does this … know there’s no more betting if they call you now …

Dara O’Kearney: How Should You Play To Move Up In Stakes? 

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… someone notices you’re three-betting someone too often because they … much, and they start four-betting you more frequently. In trying … just below those in strength value that aren’t good three … you thin value bet the river, you’re not thin-value betting enough …

Being A Bully

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… a weak ace that is betting to try to “find out … the river twice with marginal value hands and large on the …

Seven Card Stud: Playing Small Pairs With A Big Kicker

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… street, and just keep on betting until your opponent possibly gives … two flush does add some value, it’s usually not enough … kicker has a lot of value, and a hand like (A … , you should probably cap the betting. Given this action, even a … Quiz: How Much To Bet On The River

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Feb 21, '24

… get value from an ace, a small bet is ideal. Betting 5 … solvers advise betting at least half pot when value betting from in position … away with betting a smaller size. Attempting to get additional value for … out on even more by betting too large on the river …

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