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Poker Strategy: Playing Two-Way Hands In Omaha Eight-Or-Better

by Kevin Haney | Published: Nov 05, '21

hands also have playability advantages on low flops (those with two or more low cards) and can often get better high hands to fold. In other words, low hands will tend … many hands and will often incorrectly draw to non-nut hands, …

Poker Strategy: Analyzing Two Mid-Stakes Hands Played By Doug Polk

by Card Player News Team | Published: Jun 17, '19

… opening a wide range of hands here, particularly after the cutoff … value, betting could get better hands to fold like fours … five outs to improve to two pair. Additionally, our bluffing frequency … have value hands. On this board we have few value hands so …

Winner's Circle -- David Plastik

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Apr 06, '09

… will look at the big hands, toughest opponents, and paths to … Q-7-8-4 with two hearts. A guy bets out … for the next couple of hands with 600 in chips, but …

Asian Poker Tour -- Neil Arce Wins Philippines Main Event

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Feb 02, '09

… ,000 The first two hands at the final table produced two eliminations. Arce … on to score the next two eliminations after that, as well … in one of the biggest hands at the final table. Yea …

Tournament Trail Q and A -- Casey Kastle

by Rebecca McAdam | Published: Oct 29, '08

… , with 105,000. It happened two hands before the last hand, and … year; I think I played two or three. This year I … for like a week or two or three, and that’s … have in the past, maybe two a month instead of one …

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Brian Hastings Discusses His High-Stakes Poker Career

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: May 04, '22

… his game even further with two more titles in 2015, taking … before poker? BH: I had two part-time jobs before poker … he probably plays too many hands, but he understands the game …

Two-Time Bracelet Winner Scott Ball Talks Six-Max Tournament Strategy

by Bernard Lee |  Published: May 04, '22

… However, after nine cashes including two bracelets ($5,000 Six- … to play way more hands, apply more pressure, and … play so many more hands. Also, players are now … ’t play near enough hands. Either one of those … top players play their hands. Or you can find …

Head Games: Take Your Tournament Game To The Next Level

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 04, '22

… as when I broke down hands that seemed obvious, but actually … cashes. The California native has two WSOP bracelets which he won …

Spice Up Your H.O.R.S.E Game With ‘Action’ Razz

by Kevin Haney |  Published: May 04, '22

… chance of winning assuming both hands go to showdown. The final … For example, suppose the following hands are out on fifth street … very bad hands we could even be talking about hands as bad … The probability of being dealt two cards eight or lower accompanied …

What To Do If You Get Slowrolled

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 04, '22

… you want with your hands. There is no rule … tilt you, you have two reasonable options. 1. Observe … bluffs and more value hands. Easy game! Of course, … hands in the near future. If you do not make any hands … . ♠ Jonathan Little is a two-time WPT champion with …

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