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Scott Seiver Replaces Tom Dwan As Phil Hellmuth's High Stakes Duel Opponent

by Card Player News Team | Published: May 15, '22

With Tom Dwan bowing out of his scheduled rematch with Phil Hellmuth on PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel, a new competitor has emerged in three-time WSOP bracelet winner and high-stakes pro Scott Seiver. Each player will be buying in for $400,000, with the …

WATCH: Phil Hellmuth Fed Up With PokerGO Heads-Up Showdown Opponent Eric Persson

by Erik Fast | Published: Apr 22, '22

… of the day, Hellmuth’s opponent, Maverick Gaming owner Eric Persson … . Rough day for me! My opponent gave me the double bird …

Poker Strategy: Profiting From My Opponent's Blunder

by Jonathan Little | Published: Mar 10, '22

… check-raise if your opponent bets, your opponent will frequently fold, … check-call, hoping your opponent continues betting on the … larger, perhaps 1,000). My opponent confidently called. The turn … was fairly standard, my opponent played his hand horribly. …

Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Playing Top Pair By Predicting Opponent Reactions

by Jonathan Little | Published: Nov 02, '20

… on how you expect your opponent to react. If you think … in your opponent playing well. You never want your opponent to fold … rounds. If you think your opponent will assume that you must …

Poker Strategy: How To Destroy Your Opponent After Seeing Just One Showdown

by Card Player News Team | Published: Sep 01, '18

… down ways to exploit this opponent: Widen our four-bet bluffing … clear value bet, so our opponent has obviously made a … EV against this bluff-catchy opponent: Call down light against triple … pay close attention to your opponent’s tendencies, but also realize …

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Women In Poker Pioneers: ‘Poker Alice’

by Allyn Shulman |  Published: Mar 08, '23

… was demeaning, or a male opponent was patronizing. However, it was … a hand and a male opponent asks me if that’s …

GTO, Solvers, And The Nash Equilibrium Explained For Low Rollers: Featuring Online Grinder Brian Fite

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 08, '23

… until it becomes clear my opponent has a pretty solid hand …

Myths And Misconceptions About Game Theory And Poker Solvers: Part One

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Mar 08, '23

… than 50% bluffs, or your opponent can show a profit by … practice, you can exploit an opponent who folds too much by …

Five-Time Bracelet Winner Adam Friedman Talks Stud

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Mar 08, '23

… really have to understand your opponent’s tendencies. In stud, some … this, you can manipulate your opponent and end up getting calls …

Omaha Eight-or-Better: Some Televised High Stakes Hands

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Mar 08, '23

… in the pot. While your opponent may have A-2, your …

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