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Manny Minaya -- What's My Line?

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Jun 05, '09

… ,400 Manny Minaya limped in middle position and Alan Sass raised to … you still limp in early position with aces? MM: I would …

Yevgeniy Timoshenko Wins 2009 WPT Championship

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Apr 25, '09

… Up Ran Azor raised from middle position to 420,000, and Scotty … Nguyen moved all in from middle position for his last 390,000 …

WPT Championship -- Day 6

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Apr 24, '09

… raised to 210,000 in middle position and Shannon Shorr reraised to …

Run it Twice -- Andrew Brokos

by Kristy Arnett | Published: Mar 12, '09

… Blinds: $5-$10 The Lineup Middle-Position Player No. 2: $2,916 … : $1,002 Early-Position Player: $1,803 Middle-Position Player No. 1: $470 …

Run it Twice -- Andrew Brokos

by Kristy Arnett | Published: Feb 26, '09

… Under the Gun: $208.75 Middle Position: $1,000 Cutoff: $1,000 … . People do this from late position just because there is so … lot of hands from late position, which makes sense because that … play more hands from late position. KA: Had you been three …

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Shifts In Poker Strategy With Dylan Linde

by Steve Schult |  Published: Dec 30, '20

… if you’re calling in position. And you’ll have deeper … it from a place of position. Here, three-ways, it’s … odd because Andy is in position and covering, and can put … ’t three-bet with a middle pair of some sort, he …

Badugi: Playing The Probable Best Hand In The Middle Rounds

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Dec 30, '20

… with a strong draw and position we hold the betting advantage … .75 big bets in the middle after we call the turn … . When you are out-of-position and your opponent raises, sometimes … . Correspondingly, if we are in-position and get check-raised, our …

Deuce-To-Seven Triple Draw Lowball: Multi-Way Flop Situations

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Dec 16, '20

… “squeeze” a player in the middle who probably did not … Denial Situation Suppose an early position player opens, the cutoff … Equity Denial Situation An early position player opens, we smooth- … first being that the early position opener was originally drawing …

This Week’s Big Winner: Brian Cox Wins 2020 bestbet Jacksonville Fall Frenzy Main Event

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Dec 02, '20

… final table in second chip position, while Cox sat in fifth … to 60,000 from early position with pocket sevens and Brian … , who bet 75,000 with middle set. Dumaplin raised to 175 … the day in third chip position but fell towards the lower …

Stoyan Madanzhiev Discusses Winning WSOP Online Bracelet And $3.9 Million

by Erik Fast |  Published: Nov 18, '20

… It was the middle of the night on Saturday, … were in such a great position with so much on the … was in the chip-leading position after that. I managed to … me in a very good position. Of course, she could have …

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Missing Mike Somma
Middle Village, NY, USA
Missing Michael Somma
Middle Village, NY, USA
Missing Frank Simone
Middle Village, NY, USA
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