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California Poker Holds Strong in 2008

by Stephen A. Murphy | Published: Dec 16, '08

… Las Vegas casinos do about gas prices and tourism decline, because its …

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Drawing Red Lines in the Desert, or How (Not) to Bluff a Martyr - Part I

by James McManus |  Published: Jan 17, '07

… in that hideous bloodbath – poison gas was deployed, martyrs brigades of … world energy markets, raising fuel prices while enriching Iranian coffers at …

Elvis and Me

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Dec 06, '06

… feature of Mississippi is that prices of everything are so reasonable … 's like visiting another planet. Gas is a lot less expensive …

Stupak's Bad Beat

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Sep 27, '06

… nightmare now. The price of gas what it is, it costs … gigantic condos, the ones with prices starting in the low billions …

Poker Can be a Gas

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jul 11, '06

… talking about the high gas prices in the U.S., … when this story runs, prices may have eased a … arrived. "Have the high gas prices been hurting your business?" … way dat dose high prices fer gas kin actual bring … yer first tank of gas personal-like." Waving a …

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Missing Derek Sessoms
Gas City, IN, USA