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Poker Coaching Quiz: Flopping A Flush Draw In A Four-Bet Pot

by Jonathan Little | Published: Jan 31, '22

… .com. Key Concept: Flopping A Flush Draw In A Four-Bet Pot … 3, giving you the nut flush draw. Question 3: Should you check … pot and you flop a flush draw, check/shoving is ideal if …

Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: The Wrong Time To Play A Flush Draw Aggressively

by Jonathan Little | Published: Feb 26, '21

… 8 4, giving Hero a flush draw. The Villain made a continuation … if that fails, make your draw. But when your range is … . If you improve to a flush, you can be happy getting … out when he made his flush on the turn. Hopefully that …

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Cognitive Biases: Part 5

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Jun 29, '22

… optimal way to play a draw. Sometimes you should play them … you should play the current draw passively, or aggressively, or even … those times, you missed the draw, but bet again on the … have made your last four flush draws has zero impact on …

Final Table Takedown: Mark Davis Outlasts Four-Time WPT Champ Darren Elias For Million Dollar Payday

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 29, '22

… a back door straight draw, back door flush draw, and two overs. So … some kind of missed straight draw. River: J (pot: 8,000 …

Omaha Eight-or-Better: Playable Low Hands From Late Position

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jun 15, '22

… holding containing either a flush draw (A 3 6 9 [ … lose to a higher flush. From the button, we … important to have some flush potential and there is … the nut low, a backdoor flush draw, and implied odds. On … with a bad low draw and reverse implied odds. …

Lawyer By Day, Poker Player By Night: Bracelet Winner Bradley Jansen Talks Six-Max

by Brandon Temple |  Published: Jun 01, '22

… a board that has a flush draw, I’m ruling out the … pair combo, and the big flush draws. Trying to check-raise … hand. There’s also no flush draw, so hands such as A … -Q suited that flop a flush draw with overcards aren’t a …

WSOP Bracelet Winner Yaser Al-Keliddar Adds A Circuit Ring

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 01, '22

… cash games and want to draw the same people in week … think he had a flush draw or a straight draw, such as Q …

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