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Backgammon and Poker Are Two of a Kind

by Lee Munzer | Published: Aug 09, '06

… backgammon's popularity, the doubling cube (introduced approximately 80 years … the Doubling Cube From All Sides A typical doubling cube has six … the value of the doubling cube). Backgammon occurs when … the cube. For instance, if I am offered the doubling cube

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The Inside Straight

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Oct 03, '08

… offered available shares in half, doubling the value of the shares … won at Beijing's "Water Cube" are the most ever at …

Conversation With Peter Hallberg

by Thor Henrykson |  Published: Apr 01, '07

… the skillful use of the doubling cube to becoming a great backgammon … times the values of the doubling cube before being offered. Let' … earlier, you can accept the doubling cube if you have more … the skillful use of the doubling cube negate the advantage that …

Backgammon: How to Play

by Thor Henrykson |  Published: Feb 01, '07

… if the doubling cube was never turned, or the cubedoubling cube). Some areas of the world do not recognize triple games. Doubling Cube The doubling cube is used to … when offered the doubling cube. Beavers are commonly …

Poker and Backgammon

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jan 01, '07

doubling cube. The stuck player when steaming uses tactics such as doubling … frequently involves gambling with a "doubling cube," which has the numbers … contested. At the start, the cube is neutral, and you … doubled has control over the cube if he decides to …

Backgammon Corner

by Thor Henrykson |  Published: Dec 01, '06

… . In backgammon, it is the doubling cube, and in no-limit hold …

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