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Lawyer By Day, Poker Player By Night: Bracelet Winner Bradley Jansen Talks Six-Max

by Brandon Temple |  Published: Jun 01, '22

… board that has a flush draw, I’m ruling out the … is a possible two pair combo, and the big flush draws … . There’s also no flush draw, so hands such as A … suited that flop a flush draw with overcards aren’t a …

Final Table Takedown: Michael Jozoff

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 20, '22

… in position? MJ: With this combo at this stack depth, … and calls anyway with my combo. Jozoff called with K … that I have a good combo to start bluffing with, … Yes. I flopped the flush draw, but he has a … to along with my flush draw. This time, Eugene checked …

The Problem With Nines In Stud 8 Featuring Randy Ohel

by Steve Schult |  Published: Jan 26, '22

… a gutshot and a flush draw, while he catches an … raised again with a big combo draw, as well. I’m … again when you brick your draw, and he just calls. … think that I had a combo draw that I missed. This … I had a straight draw, a flush draw, and two overcards …

Final Table Takedown With Kyle Kitagawa

by Steve Schult |  Published: Mar 11, '20

… time if he has a draw or something like that. SS … to those two hands, a combo draw, or a weak J-X … he does hold a flush combo, it makes it much less … -X, and any of those combo draws I mentioned. And if … I have a backdoor straight draw and an ace could still …

How Can He Fold Excerpt: Can Phil Ivey Be Bullied?

by Jonathan Levy |  Published: Jan 01, '20

… a pair and a flush draw on the flop. It … as the king high flush draw). It all comes out to … targeting one pair or a draw, but he couldn’t have … targeting one pair and a combo draw. But still, it got through … did pick up an additional draw on the turn, his equity …

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