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World Series Of Poker Europe Update: Day 10

by Shane Gittes | Published: Sep 29, '08

… raise and his fellow table bully Vallo called. On the A …

Mike Watson: What's My Line?

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Jul 31, '08

… accepted his role as table bully and was able to use …

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Head Games: Tournament Stack Size Strategy and Final Table Preparation

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 07, '21

… going to be able to bully the shorter and middling stacks …

Real Poker: Squeezing The Squeezer: But No Juice

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Aug 28, '19

… big blind (BB) was Mr. Bully, a highly aggressive person … thinking I might trap Mr. Bully for a big raise. … behind me and Mr. Bully made it $120 from … callers behind me folded, Mr. Bully tanked for a long … as well against Mr. Bully’s squeezing range as …

Final Table Takedown: Dominik Nitsche Shares Continuation Betting and Player Tendency Strategies vs. High Level Opponents

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 20, '17

… continuation bet and try to bully players off their hand. This …

Four Tournament Truisms That Aren’t Always True

by George Mathias |  Published: Oct 25, '17

… to be the ‘big-stack bully’ at their table. With more … notion of the big-stack bully implies that short-stacks must … short-stacked players, the table bully very often opens himself up … a wider range against a bully who has shown a propensity …

Standing Up to the Bully

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Oct 11, '17

… are talking in order to bully their fellow players. I would …

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