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Winner’s Circle -- Yevgeniy Timoshenko

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: May 12, '09

… series will look at the big hands, toughest opponents, and paths to … a few days after his big win, and he reflected on …

Winner's Circle -- Scotty Nguyen

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Apr 13, '09

… series will look at the big hands, toughest opponents, and paths to … people to lay down their hands or call me when I … so serious. I mean, for big money it’s OK to …

Winner's Circle -- David Plastik

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Apr 06, '09

… series will look at the big hands, toughest opponents, and paths … the next couple of hands with 600 in chips, … because they’re used to big starting stacks, but I’ … knew how to play big stacks back then, because … DP: I still had 12 big blinds. They would give …

Run it Twice -- Brian Rast

by Kristy Arnett | Published: Apr 01, '09

… to get max value on big hands Run it Twice -- Review … with most of his hands that he opens, because, … bet from medium-strength hands. Turn Action: The turn … He can only beat the hands I’m checking behind … only four combinations of hands that he could have …

Winner's Circle -- Jeff Madsen

by Ryan Lucchesi | Published: Mar 31, '09

… series will look at the big hands, toughest opponents, and paths to … lot of hands. There was one point where four hands in a … preflop and I had good hands every time. The tournament didn … long are seeing kids play hands differently, maybe more aggressively. So …

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Final Table Takedown: Joey Weissman Wins BetMGM Poker Championship

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… the pandemic, Weissman had a big score at the Wynn, … get his thoughts on some hands from his title run … J, and A-Q type hands that dominate us and … We just called, keeping these hands I reeled off in the … some of the many possible hands you had put him …

Omaha Eight-or-Better: Playing The Small Blind Against A Button Open

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… the big blind to come in with his weaker hands? … calls with high-only hands, we should also … hands, therefore we should extend an invitation to the big … K), some double suited hands without a premium … big blind may still enter the fray. With strong one-way hands

How High-Stakes Poker Pros Balance Work And Family Life

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… to work with, and a big shout out to Joy’s … having Ryan, this is a big lifestyle change. I also wouldn … can be a much more hands-on dad and present in …

Poker Coaching: Should You Slowplay Top Set?

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… 2.5 big blinds is preferred over 3.5 big blinds, … detrimental because it gives the big blind an opportunity to … now somewhat coordinated for hands like Q-Q and … 9, if they have those hands they still need to … are capable of folding hands as strong as A- …

Bracelet Winner Justin Saliba On Deviating From GTO Tournament Strategy

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 27, '22

… situation. You have 50 big blinds, the chip leader … advantage with very strong hands like good J-X … and even good ace-high hands, and you can check. … have many thin value hands that want to bet …   If we further examine what hands become indifferent from the …

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