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Browns Fire Bernie Kosar Over Charity Sports Bet

by Joe Mattia | Published: Jan 09, '23

… a legal $19,000 sports bet with a licensed Ohio online sportsbook. According to reports, Kosar bet the amount, which corresponded to … . Still, the sportsbook took his bet. Any profit from the wager … on our media platforms his bet was a violation of NFL …

Former Ultimate Bet Lawyer Flips On Sam Bankman-Fried In FTX Crypto Case: Report

by Joe Mattia | Published: Jan 08, '23

… person involved with the Ultimate Bet online poker scandal from the … was involved with the Ultimate Bet operation that scammed some high … was an attorney for Ultimate Bet and was caught on tape …

Americans Bet Billions Illegally Each Year, Casino Lobby Says

by Joe Mattia | Published: Dec 01, '22

… sports bettors have placed a bet with an illegal operator. Americans …

Nicki Minaj-Backed Online Sportsbook Shuts Down

by Joe Mattia | Published: Nov 16, '22

… log in to to withdraw. “Open wagers will …

Study: 20.5 Million Americans To Bet On World Cup

by Joe Mattia | Published: Nov 16, '22

… (23%) plan to place a bet at a physical casino … will certainly be the most bet-upon soccer event ever … they were given $50 to bet, most Americans would put … have a game plan to bet responsibly. That means setting … expect to place a bet online, with a bookie, …

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Red-Hot Chad Eveslage Shrugs Off His Label As A Closer

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Jan 11, '23

… , I’m afraid to block bet river against Chad because if … I’m going to four-bet shove if he three-bets …

Jason Koon Defeats Phil Hellmuth In PokerGO’s $1.6 Million High Stakes Duel

by Erik Fast |  Published: Jan 11, '23

… more than happy to four-bet to $120,000 with … probably overjoyed when Hellmuth five-bet bluffed to $260,000. Koon … defeat. On the river, Koon bet $4,000 into the … with A Q. Hellmuth three-bet to $26,000 from … Koon opted for a four-bet jam and Hellmuth called …

Final Table Takedown: Frank Lagodich Books Four Wins In 2022

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 11, '23

… have opted to three-bet. However, if he came … to him. Lagodich checked. Schutten bet 100,000. FL: At … see the river. Schutten bet 300,000. FL: The … polarizing pot-size bet on the river. Schutten bet 1,000, … FL: My thoughts exactly. This bet put me into the …

Big Blind: Three-Bet With Strong Suited Hands

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jan 11, '23

… less incentivized to three-bet in general, resulting in … While you should usually three-bet with your premium hands, … are in your three-bet bluffing range most of … opponent’s logical four-bet all-in range. While … they call your three-bet (which your read indicates …

Omar Eljach Wins Record-Setting WSOP Europe Main Event

by Erik Fast |  Published: Dec 28, '22

… and raised Boatman’s continuation bet. Boatman shoved and Deeb called … big blind and three-bet. Pastore four-bet shoved all-in and …

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