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Final Table Takedown With Andrew Moreno

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 09, '22

… ? AM: I didn’t take too much from the timing. I … . AM: I was really hoping he would check back an inferior … I know it’s scary and you’ll look like an idiot … -in given how short I am. I would certainly get called … AM: I had to decide if I should call or raise. If I

Player Behavior: Some Critics Are Also Idiots

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Feb 10, '21

… poker return to the tables. I am especially excited to get … opponent, you are being an a**hole, but it’ … an idiot you are as well. Of the thousands of times I … no exceptions. I know it hurts when an opponent gets … , I’ve said out loud what a f***ing idiot

High Roller Bill Perkins Talks About His Plan To Die With Zero

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Dec 02, '20

… you are an especially envious person, I wouldn’t recommend … crashing and burning, looking like an idiot, or being broke. When you … course of your life. How am I going to allocate those resources … as stoic with poker as I am with natural gas trading. With …

The Worst Celebrity Poker Players In Hollywood

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Oct 07, '20

… Wild. Always an over the top character, when I first met Joe … damn idiot!” To which Joe replied, “Idiot? I bought my first jet when I … jet when I was 24!” which was met with an uproar of … . If you would like an autographed copy, I am NOW SHIPPING them! Just …

Exploiting Calling Stations’ Emotions

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 22, '19

… say: “You’re braver than I am. I’d never make that … may ask yourself. “Why did I make that stupid bet? If I checked, I would have gotten a … you’re a loose-aggressive idiot. He will then give … that might be taken as an insult, even if most …

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