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Poker Strategy: Withstanding The Variance Of Tournaments

by Craig Tapscott | Published: May 21, '21

… , and Niall Farrell Craig Tapscott: Variance and downswings will hit every … the reality of how much variance is involved in playing MTTs … to make sure that negative variance isn’t affecting how I … on the other side of variance at the WSOP, but when …

Poker Strategy: Training Your Mind To Withstand Variance

by Craig Tapscott | Published: Mar 29, '21

… , and Matt Waxman Craig Tapscott: Variance and downswings will hit every … a better player? Jeff Gross: Variance is inevitable if you have … for the low-end of variance. It was a five-day …

Life Variance And What To Do During A Pandemic

by Steve Zolotow | Published: Jun 20, '20

Variance measures how much influence extreme values have. A low variance … of variance away from financial variance and on to life variance … face financial variance, they also face time variance. When … against. The unnecessary variance that a black …

Poker Video Spotlight: Jason Somerville On On Lowering Variance At Final Tables

by Erik Fast | Published: Apr 15, '20

… how to play a lower-variance style of poker at a … ’s not necessarily the lowest variance [approach] or the only way …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Don't Get Fooled By Variance

by Ed Miller | Published: Sep 27, '17

… every chance you get. The variance in random events fools us …

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Cognitive Biases: Part 5

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Jun 29, '22

… . There is a lot of variance in poker. And very often …

Phil Galfond: From Table Captain To Poker Boss

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Jun 15, '22

… it just a matter of variance finally evening out? PG: I …

Head Games: Staying Positive Through Downswings

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 11, '22

… : Every player has experienced variance and downswings in their … -poker things. Adam Friedman: Variance and downswings are inevitable … softer competition. Jake Ripnick: Variance is an inescapable part … if all the negative variance conditioned me to expect …

Two-Time Bracelet Winner Scott Ball Talks Six-Max Tournament Strategy

by Bernard Lee |  Published: May 04, '22

… obviously, there is so much variance in poker tournaments and it …

Jeremy Ausmus: Poker’s Nice Guy, Finishing First

by Erik Fast |  Published: Apr 06, '22

… was kind of due, or, variance. It’s not like I …

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