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US Supreme Court Rules Unanimously To Curb Civil Asset Forfeiture

by Justin Marchand | Published: Feb 20, '19

… money or property returned. The Supreme Court Justices were highly critical of … announced the decision for the court in support of Tyson Timbs … brought the case to the Supreme Court, was originally sentenced to five …

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Contracts and Poker: “Miscellaneous” Boilerplate Terms

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Dec 02, '20

… the NOM clause, and a court may honor such a modification … can sue, but asks the court you bring suit in to … . It was enforced by the US Supreme Court in the case of Shute … because it arose under the Court’s admiralty jurisdiction, since the …

The Second Boom

by Ed Miller |  Published: Dec 19, '18

… to state. In April, the Supreme Court overturned the Federal law prohibiting … placed in up to 10 US states. By all reasonable assessments … sudden, online poker in the US now has the player pool …

Contracts and Poker: There Ought To Be A Rule

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Jun 06, '18

… ’t kidding. While most of us have a low tolerance for … heat for it, I think Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart was on …

Contracts and Poker: Appeals

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Oct 11, '17

… the Supreme Court, even though it is the lowest level court! … is only one higher court, often called a Supreme Court. Some of the larger jurisdictions have an intermediate court. … in Rule xx, which tells us that all betting actions …

We’ve Still Got Image Problems

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 28, '14

… non-players think highly of us.” Television dramatically improved our … not luck. Unfortunately, a higher court reversed him. A few … men. So was the late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist and … values: It can help us to understand extremely important …

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