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Poker Strategy With Alex Fitzgerald: Six Ways To Play Better Against Three-Bets From Out Of Position

by Alex Fitzgerald | Published: May 21, '24

… t Get Overcommitted When someone three-bets you, they generally have a … you open and your opponent three-bets you. You call out … A-10 offsuit. The maniac three-bets you. You call. The … raise. The loose-aggressive regular three-bets you to your left. Instead …

Upswing Poker -- Ryan Fee On Facing 3-Bets In Live Cash games

by Erik Fast | Published: Mar 08, '17

… . “You then face really big three bets from often times really tight … sizes and the resultingly larger three bets, and in live games are … realize their equity when facing three bets in low stack-to-pot … Fee’s thoughts on facing three bets in live no-limit hold …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Playing Three-Bet Pots Out Of Position

by Ed Miller | Published: Sep 21, '15

… whiff that you will three-bet “light” sometimes, nearly … -raise and calling the three-bet. One player limps … to fire two or three barrels at you. Obviously … checking. If your opponent bets, you can call and … weaker hands. Playing these three-bet pots from out …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: How To Handle Getting Three-Bet

by Ed Miller | Published: Mar 13, '15

… ’re a legacy three-bettor, fold. By a “legacy” three-bettor, I … if one of these players three-bets an early position raise from … a three-betting range nearly as strong as the legacy three-bettor … you should be calling the three-bets with will be worth calling …

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Magazine Article Results Quiz: Rivering Top Pair

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 29, '24

… options are to call or three-bet. Three-betting is not a … . You check and your opponent bets 2,000 (63% pot). Question …

10 Essential Tips For Intermediate Poker Players

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: May 29, '24

… . 2. Squeeze Three-Bet More This is the three-bet most people … do? Many winning players will three-bet squeeze there. They know … lower limits where no one three-bets enough, you can get away … move up, people will start three-betting you more often. They …

Losing All The Hands

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 29, '24

… down at K K and three-bet to 1,200 from … make the mistake of calling three-bets with the implied odds hands … his raising range to my three-bet when he is getting … -K to one or two bets, if significant action takes place …

Seven Card Stud: Playing Flush Draws

by Kevin Haney |  Published: May 29, '24

… married to the hand. Three flushes are often a … showing. In fact with three of the cards you … with 10 (5 2) with three diamonds exposed. With no … and fold before showdown. Our three-flush doesn’t always … we make money by saving bets when folding dead hands …

Amateur Bad Plays Plus Expert Bad Advice

by David Sklansky |  Published: May 15, '24

… find small games with two, three, or even more players who … , you should strongly consider not three-betting the players who already … the frequency of his value bets. Say you think he has … , poker, and other games. The three-time WSOP bracelet winner’s …

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