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Chris Brewer Talks Big Bluff From The World Series Of Poker Online Main Event

by Erik Fast | Published: Nov 09, '20

game, he would be playing in the highest stakes cash games in the … a meteoric rise up the ranks in the cash game world in recent … the big blind with K3. Card Player: So you were one of the … of spot. The River: The 6 paired the board on the end and Brewer …

One Time, Dealer: What To Do About The Abusive, Big-Tipping Fish In Your Poker Game

by Dealer Chick | Published: Apr 04, '19

… , yet good-for-the-game jerks? Signed, Give Me the Dirt Dear Dirt … taught that nothing interrupts the game. Once off the table, I found a … it a big deal. He was winning money on the table but … the game. But not everyone’s line in the sand is drawn in the

Poker Player Loses Pot Of 13,000 Big Blinds After Showing Opponent A Card

by Brian Pempus | Published: Aug 29, '18

… ’em cash game held Monday evening at the Bicycle Casino … on the button to make a decision. Remarkably, the stakes in the game … . However, the game plays much bigger thanks to the Mississippi straddle. … Hicks raked in the pot worth 13,000 big blinds. Bitcoin …

Euro Poker Tweets of the Week

by Brendan Murray | Published: Apr 14, '12

… names make the trip to the Emerald Isle for the first … the historic Austrian city The 48-hour cash marathon that is The Big Game was underway and Phil Laak was the centre … $160,000 after playing amost the entire game. However he could …

Barry Greenstein Talks Staking as Poker Stars’ Big Game Premieres

by Stephen A. Murphy | Published: Jun 14, '10

… being on their own.” The The Big Game will not be … episodes once a week, The Big Game will be a daily … , high-action cash game. The Big Game is adding an … for The Big Game. Greenstein says that some players, mostly the younger …

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Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero: “ICM Is For Poor People”

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: May 17, '23

… loved the game as soon as I saw it. That was the beginning … game, studying no-limit and mixed games. The more you work, the better the … was in the small blind, and all I saw was the big blind … the biggest game in the world. You could lose $2,000 [in a game

Who Can I Value Bet? Who Can I Bluff?

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: May 17, '23

… at least aspiring to take the game more seriously are better candidates … someone calls you out of the big blind then they are also … beat stations. The vast majority of the playing public fits the station … player calls you out of the big blind, that tends to be …

Triple Draw: The River Value To Bluffing Ratio

by Kevin Haney |  Published: May 17, '23

… Being a one-winner draw game, there is a ton of … a big mistake in a large pot. Suppose that heading into the … an overwhelming amount of the time versus the pot odds received. In … caught. Getting back to the example above, the situation is even better …

Poker Vlogger And ACR Team Pro Jeff Boski Scores Big At Triton Vietnam Series

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 03, '23

… imaginable. He was obsessed with the game for good reason. “I … issue, mainly because he loved the game so much. “I remember … some of the best high rollers in the game. Boski Scores Big In Vietnam Believe it or not, the

How To Escape A Downswing

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: May 03, '23

… is calling too much from the big blind. When one person has … many people call out of the big blind with close to any … completing a bet out of the big blind versus multiple players, it … calm. Keep hammering the fundamentals at the lower stakes game. Do it until …

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