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Shannon Shorr: How He Took His Poker Game To Another Level In 2021

by Steve Schult | Published: Nov 03, '21

… Shorr has been a profitable poker player since the early … I consider myself more of a live player.” Since he was … was a feared online player before 2011 and was a consistent winner at mid- and … doing it. Jeremy Ausmus and Eric Baldwin and a few others. They …

Max Young: How He Built His Bankroll And Broke Through As A Live Poker Tournament Player

by Steve Schult | Published: Feb 25, '21

… route and take a shot at a career as a professional poker player. He relocated up the coast and … with a third in the Circuit main event at Choctaw and aa difference to me.” Even with masks, plexiglass dividers, and a

Jeff Gross Talks About The Six-Figure Loss That Led To An Online Poker Sponsorship Deal

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: May 04, '20

… earnings. Now married and a father to a baby boy, Gross … poker player and poker personality, not only representing partypoker as a … had a lot of success in big live tournaments and aplayer. A guy who is playing $22 tournaments and entertaining others on a

Jorryt van Hoof On Passing Marcel Luske For Top Spot On Netherlands All-Time Money List

by Tim Duckworth | Published: Mar 04, '20

… the high roller scene, and more. Card Player: How did you get … than a $10,000 buy-in. I played a $50,000, and a couple … housemates and I thought of, so it made you a more aggressive player … at poker and maximizing my output as a professional poker player. That’s …

Two-Time World Poker Tour Champion Brian Altman Talks About Shrugging Off Close Calls

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Jan 28, '20

… of his breakout victory and became the first player in tour history … Player of the Year race, which wraps up in May and … Maryland. The anticipation of winning a tournament > actually winning one … hoodies pulled down low and scarves covering up player’s faces? …

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Final Table Takedown: Joey Weissman Wins BetMGM Poker Championship

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… your passion, and focusing on self-improvement. Card Player caught up … K-Q, K-J, A-J, and A-Q type hands that dominate us and might call versus aa read on his playing style? JW: Isaac is a special player

Omaha Eight-or-Better: Playing The Small Blind Against A Button Open

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… as A A 3 6 and A 2 4 K. These hands push a nice … a player wins the entire pot assuming both players go to showdown anda playing disadvantage versus our opponent’s range. When one player is a … suited hands without a premium low draw (A 5 10 Q), and high pairs …

Poker Coaching: Should You Slowplay Top Set?

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Aug 10, '22

a fine play. However, some players will continue barreling with A-K and A-Q, and even K-Q, which you … somewhat coordinated for hands like Q-Q and 9-9, if they … strong as A-A to a turn raise, call and force them …

Bracelet Winner Justin Saliba On Deviating From GTO Tournament Strategy

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 27, '22

… turns, and rivers playing out of position as the covered playerA … off of 45 bb and the player called in the … to look at Q-6 offsuit, call a 100% pot … it’s a very sharp strategy to implement and a nice spot to deviate from what a computer …

Final Table Takedown: Chad Eveslage Earns His First WSOP Bracelet

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 27, '22

… but also a career-best $1,415,610. Card Player caught … ’s WSOP Player of the Year Josh Arieh, and last … 9-8 or Q-8. I picked a 2,400 … a lot. Online tournaments use a normal 10 percent ante from each player, so there is a

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