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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


Carmosino Is Human, Gives Up Double

Jamal Sawaqdeh moved all-in for 409,000 and was called by Alexander Carmosino in the big blind with KQ. Sawaqdeh was ahead with A2, and it stayed ahead as the board rolled off 95253. Carmosino has ...

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Spanish Poker Pro Ana Marquez Back On Tournament Circuit After Brief Hiatus

by Card Player News Team | Published: Dec 20, '17

… however, Marquez decided to take a break. A long break, ideally, … Marathon, Monster Stack, and Crazy Eights events. Card Player caught up … Diamond World Poker Classic. Card Player: For those that aren’ … a few years, and had a lot of success before taking a

Bryn Kenney: Hunting For The No. 1 Ranking

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Feb 17, '16

… -game mix event and nearly won a second last summer. … $1,687,800. Card Player caught up with Kenney … . You are deep stacked and playing a lot of pots, … a nice win after a lot of deep runs and close … the absolute best tournament player in the world, according …

Vince Van Patten: Poker Movies Have 'Missed The Mark'

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Dec 29, '15

… [Sexton] and I are great friends and gambling partners, and we have a lot … doing a movie. I wrote a comedy about the gambling world and the … high roller gamblers in L.A. and the crazy bets they make … was an excellent movie, and Rounders did a decent job, but …

Poker Player PROfile: Andreas Høivold

by Diana Cox | Published: Jun 18, '14

… Stakes Poker, and I ended up meeting a girl here and did … hours without playing a hand, and if I play a hand, they … have a super good hand, and it happens so often. DC: When a player calls you down and you …

Poker Player PROfile: Shannon Shorr Talks About His Quest For A Major Tournament Title

by Diana Cox | Published: May 29, '14

… proven himself as a player of substance in … Player caught up with Shorr to talk about his quest for aplayer you were during that match to the player you were when you were heads-up in February anda player. Like I said, I’m always working on my game and

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Final Table Takedown: Adrian Attenborough Breaks Down Hand Ranges and ICM Decisions

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 17, '18

… is a Brisbane-born 24-year-old professional poker player and a … 10 plus and A-K, and Leonard with 9-9 plus, A-Q suited, and A- … A K and A Q, both with top pair and a flush draw. It’s a … come across as a very competitive person and a player that truly loves …

This Week's Big Winner: Ryan Tosoc Wins WPT Five Diamond Year After Finishing Second

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 17, '18

… in 2016, and somehow managed to return a year later and improve on his previous finish. Tosoc outlasted a … blind. Foxen and Del Vecchio both folded, and Perry showed A 9. Tosoc … to Tosoc’s A Q. The dealer put out a board of 8 …

Guy Klass Wins 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Seneca Main Event

by Erik Fast |  Published: Jan 17, '18

… tournament options, including a tag team event and a pot-limit Omaha … 4 against Lou Procopio’s A Q, flopping a set to send … $58,608 top prize and 480 Card Player Player of the Year … parking, player rewards and spreads a large selection of hold’em, stud and

Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jan 03, '18

… one or two minutes and finally folded Q-Q showing it to the … pattern that is tried and true is when a player bets the same … hand was definitely a recreational player and was still steaming from a few bad … -the-gun player had a hand like K-J or a weak ace …

Poker Stories Podcast With Matt Berkey

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 03, '18

… willing to take a massive, massive risk and understand that … Q. I had the lead in this hand the whole way, and … tabled a set of sixes, and I was like, ‘no good.’ And … you a $25,000 gift, you take it.’ And he … the interview in the audio player at the top of …

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