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Men Of Action: Gunfighter Gambler John Wesley Hardin

by Bob Pajich | Published: Dec 17, '13

… blooded. As if the dozens of men he killed isn’t … boy had just taken the men for all they had. … father in the shape the men put him in, so … not one bit of problem stopping the hearts of men? Welcome to … claimed he killed 42 men. The newspapers of that era put …

Men Of Action: Bob Stupak

by Bob Pajich | Published: Dec 03, '13

… he wrote in the foreword of one of two books he wrote … astronaut floating up the side of one of the hotels, tethered to … Vegas. Through incessant mailings of envelops stuffed full of coupons and “freebies … is one of the last of the great Las Vegas wild men. In …

Men Of Action: Johnny Moss

by Bob Pajich | Published: Nov 19, '13

… it. A sign reading: “Birthplace of Johnny Moss, First World Series … but only for the pleasure of stepping on a professional gambler … and Hustlers: The True Adventures of a Rodeo Champion & Poker Legend … Moss was the “old-timer” of the mostly youthful group …

Men Of Action: Titanic Thompson

by Bob Pajich | Published: Sep 23, '13

… Thompson’s read World Series of Poker — Living Legend — “Titanic.” … naturally ambidextrous, a master of psychology and completely numb … of gangster Al Rothstein is counted – he took lives. Four of the men … for the men he tried to fillet, many of which …

Men Of Action: Wyatt Earp

by Justin Marchand | Published: Sep 11, '13

… fistfuls of dollars from a population of men rotating in and out of the … biographer Stuart Lake, was the action game that kept the … being “professional gamblers and bad men,” according to a Gunnison … “Wyatt Earp was a man of action.” Earp died January 13, 1929 …

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Player Behavior: Drawing More Women To Poker

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Feb 24, '21

men (and women) should behave towards all players, regardless of gender. Men … combination of unwanted flirtation and demeaning comments. Just like men … ’re uncertain about their action, politely explain their options. … as the men, and then more on top of that. …

Two Ladies Make All The Difference

by Nathan Gamble |  Published: Jan 13, '21

… it’s because all of the men around the table … more convenient for several of the players. The drive … the point of harping on me.) The action was fast and furious. After all, these were men who knew nothing of no-limit hold …

True Tales From A Hollywood Poker Hustler: Side Bets With Poker Pros, Con Men, And Movie Stars

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Jul 29, '20

… I were winning hundreds of thousands of dollars per session … a win rate of nine out of 10 sessions. I … $10k raise before the action got to me. I … Curtis, founder of and author of Billion … mechanics and sleight-of-hand artists of the modern era. …

Meet The Million Dollar Card Mechanic Who Inspired The High-Stakes Poker Action In Molly's Game

by Houston Curtis |  Published: May 06, '20

of Hollywood and some of the richest, most famous and most powerful men and women in the history of America, including … a gold digger in the men’s room at a retirement … card mechanics and sleight-of-hand artists of the modern era. Curtis …

Final Table Takedown With Kyle Kitagawa

by Steve Schult |  Published: Mar 11, '20

… draws to bluff with The Action: Zihan Men raised to 150, … 315,000 out of the big blind. Men called. On … and Men folded. Steve Schult: What did you make of … -10 of hearts, K-10 of hearts, 10-8 of hearts. … the top of your bluff catching range The Action: Kyle …

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