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The Scoop: Master's Class Now in Session with Men Nguyen

by Stephen A. Murphy | Published: Nov 07, '08

MenThe Master” Nguyen recently sat down with … this week's episode of The Scoop. After winning Card Player Player of the Year title in 1997, Nguyen has since won the distinction three more times. Nguyen …

Men Nguyen Is the Master of the Legends of Poker

by Bob Pajich | Published: Aug 15, '08

… s time to take the temperature of the tourney to see … event, stuck right in the middle of the Legends of Poker … who took home $134,040. Menthe Master” Nguyen has already won two … any of the events, including the ones branded for women.) The same event …

'The Master' In the Top Five

Published: Nov 02, '05

The Master," it is no surprise that top-flight poker professional Men Nguyen is now in contention for the Card Player Player of the … ,725. "The Master" would certainly love to reach the million- … the Player of the Year competition. Rounding out the

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The Greatest 50 Poker Players Of The Last 50 Years

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Apr 20, '22

the true pioneers of the game from contention, such as English rules masterMen Nguyen and ‘Miami’ John Cernuto, two other ironmen of themaster’s degree. Poker was just the way he passed the

Can You Pass The Card Cheat Quiz?

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Nov 18, '20

… author of the 1902 classic, Expert At The Card Table, “Men who … the top of the deck d) None of the above 7. The Crimp, the Hop, and the … to clients across the globe seeking insight into master level card …

True Tales From A Hollywood Poker Hustler: Side Bets With Poker Pros, Con Men, And Movie Stars

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Jul 29, '20

… let up after that. The rest of the night he kept making … ended up stuck at the end of the night, the bet was locked … , but at the end of the video you’ll have the opportunity to … to clients across the globe seeking insight into master level card cheating …

Meet The Million Dollar Card Mechanic Who Inspired The High-Stakes Poker Action In Molly's Game

by Houston Curtis |  Published: May 06, '20

the richest, most famous and most powerful men and women in the history of America, including luminaries such as thethe men’s room at a retirement home! Learn what the … to clients across the globe seeking insight into master level card …

One Time, Dealer: The Previous Street

by Dealer Chick |  Published: Mar 11, '20

… s like watching a puppet master. The men sitting closest to her can … perched just above the table, enjoys the best view. The lady, whom … forward and gives him the doe-eyes. The men laugh, all too … the perfect precision of a cardroom reg. Not one of the men

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