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WATCH: Daniel Negreanu Makes Ridiculous Laydown In Super High Roller Bowl

by Card Player News Team | Published: Dec 18, '18

… on televised poker shows and live streams. On Tuesday night at …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Making Snap Judgments

by Ed Miller | Published: May 10, '15

I judge my opponents by the way they look. Then I make adjustments to my strategy based on these judgments. I do it every time I play, and these snap judgments form the basis of my strategy choices against unknown players until I have more information. I …

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Magazine Article Results

Matt Berkey: High-Stakes Pro Explains Why Beginners Should Treat Poker Like Investing

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 07, '24

… , Los Angeles, and on various live streams for over a decade … going to have massive sizing tells. CT: Such as? MB: The …

Mike Matusow Talks New Documentary And Poker’s Ups And Downs

by Sean Chaffin |  Published: Dec 27, '23

… my injury. Every day I live life in debilitating pain, and … started studying charts. My brain tells me what works.” For information …

Head Games: Advanced Strategies From The Blinds In Tournaments

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 01, '23

… your opponent’s tendencies and tells. A check-raise is almost … has been tearing up the live arena ever since, however, with …

How To Stay Sane Playing Long Sessions For Days On End

by Alex Fitzgerald |  Published: Oct 18, '23

… I played a number of live tournaments. During this work trip … players. You’re looking for live tells. You’re watching the action …

Winning Hands: Three-Bet Or Call?

by Greg Raymer |  Published: Sep 20, '23

… . It is the televised and live-streamed final table of the … level. If you spot any tells, you can use this to …

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