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News Article Results Offers to Match Allen Iverson's Fines

Published: Nov 06, '05

… David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA who implemented … essence, the more fines the league imposes, the more the charities … are engaged in team or league business. The NBA defines "business …

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Contracts and Poker: There Ought To Be A Rule

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Jun 06, '18

… call “informed intuition.” Similarly, Major League Baseball Basic Agreement Article XII … power is given to the Commissioner of Baseball, another individual with …

Epic Poker Bankruptcy Leaves Mountain Of Debt

by Justin Marchand |  Published: Apr 18, '12

… Feb. 28, the Epic Poker League shut its doors, filing for … . In 2006, he became the Commissioner of the World Series, a … as Executive Vice President and League Commissioner. “The truth is, he’s … booted from the WSOP [as commissioner] but saw a day when …

The Poker Year in Review

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Feb 01, '12

league. Annie Duke was announced as the commissioner of said league, … Pollack, former President and Commissioner of the World Series … league, which would later become known as the Epic Poker League … McDonald won the Epic Poker League $20,000 main event …

Full Tilt Poker - End Game?

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Dec 01, '11

… by Epic Poker League The Epic Poker League issued a … , Tournament Director Matt Savage, league members Eric Baldwin, Andy … Nick Schulman, Alec Torelli, and Commissioner Annie Duke. Duke, who … Poker League, as well as every professional sports league, has …

Epic Poker League - A Controversial Start

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Nov 01, '11

… the League’s formation” but claims that they impacted league … Nick Schulman, Alec Torelli, and league commissioner Annie Duke, who is … to the League’s formation but impacting the League during … League card and eligibility to participate in Epic Poker League

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