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Card Player TV Video Spotlight: An Intro To ICM In Poker Tournaments

by Erik Fast | Published: Apr 08, '20

… get an introduction to how ICM should impact your tournament … example of a situation where ICM should dictate your strategy. … video, Sands talked about how ICM should impact your decision … offer some insight about how ICM specifically impacts short-stacked …

WATCH: Top Poker Pro Stephen Chidwick Makes Insane Hero Call In Million Dollar Buy-In Triton Tournament

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Aug 03, '19

At the final table of the biggest buy-in tournament of all-time, one of the world’s top poker pros showed why the high roller community voted him the best player on the planet just a few months back. Stephen Chidwick, who currently sits in first place in …

Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Crushing The Final Table

by Jonathan Little | Published: Feb 21, '18

Card Player Magazine, available in print and online, covers poker strategy, poker news, online and casino poker, and poker legislation. Sign up today for a digital subscription to access more than 800 magazine issues and get 26 new issues per year! At …

Explain Poker Like I'm Five: Independent Chip Model (ICM)

by Card Player News Team | Published: Dec 28, '14

… . The Concept: ICM What Is It? ICM, also known as … above numbers into an ICM calculator, we can learn … would be making a big ICM mistake if he called … players agreed to an ICM prize pool chop, the … to make deals using ICM, while simultaneously adjusting for …

Poker Strategy -- Samer Khuri Discusses The Independent Chip Model

by Steve Schult | Published: Sep 24, '12

… you will. SS: How does ICM and different payout structures affect … SK: Whenever you are encountering ICM tax, you are going … situation you have encountered where ICM tax really handcuffs you on … pool in play. Normally in ICM studies, anything above .1 percent …

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Final Table Takedown: Joey Weissman Wins BetMGM Poker Championship

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 10, '22

… feels somewhat thin given the ICM, but reasonable. It could … c-bet? JW: In non-ICM situations I would expect … that covers him in an ICM scenario, I expected him … a flop check in an ICM situation. That would imply … type of check-back ICM scenario in one of …

Bracelet Winner Justin Saliba On Deviating From GTO Tournament Strategy

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 27, '22

… do you adjust from non-ICM adjusted GTO strategies to situations … tournament? Justin Saliba: Adjusting for ICM is all about understanding the … big blind in value. As ICM becomes more important though, that … people left at a standard ICM situation. You have 50 …

Final Table Takedown: Bradley Ruben Earns Fourth Bracelet In Dealer’s Choice Event

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 13, '22

… stacks, and both players are ICM (Independent Chip Model) aware, so …

Final Table Takedown: Mark Davis Outlasts Four-Time WPT Champ Darren Elias For Million Dollar Payday

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 29, '22

… hand, and I understood the ICM implications that were in play …

Final Table Takedown: Tony Sinishtaj Tops Wynn Millions Main Event

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 15, '22

… . I also have the least ICM (Independent Chip Model) pressure as …

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