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The Phil Hellmuth Hosted, Prop Bet TV Show That Never Aired – Part 1

by Houston Curtis | Published: Jun 18, '20

I don’t think I would have taken that bet. Yet, as II ended up selling that day was called, Ill Take That Bet. Never heard of it? ThatThat’s why I chose to shoot the majority of Ill Take That Bet … gone forever… well, Ill Take That Bet! And remember… stay …

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Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner Tony Dunst: Online “The Tougher Form Of Poker”

by Erik Fast |  Published: Sep 23, '20

… . I rolled the dice and I rolled an aggressive action, so I bet my … sometimes Ill see things that players are really upset about and that will … or take any pressure off in a way, just knowing that you … here in Vegas. I’m going to take one week off and …

Mike Del Vecchio Discusses His Three-Year Streak In The Aussie Millions Main Event

by Erik Fast |  Published: Mar 11, '20

… Millions? What led you to take that trip? Mike Del Vecchio: It … -place finish the first year that I played the Aussie Millions as … bluff when they three-bet pre, they’ll almost always just do … as a result, that’s what I try and take advantage of the …

Bryn Kenney Calls His Shot To Become Poker’s All-Time Money Leader

by Erik Fast |  Published: Sep 11, '19

I lost, I would be able to take it. That’s really what I live for. If I play … the tournament. Like me saying that Ill bet against anyone. Just making people … Ill still play at the fun places that I like to go to. I

Finding the Line: A Street-By-Street Strategic Look At A Poker Hand

by Steve Schult |  Published: Dec 11, '13

Bet – You can take the initiative away from your opponent and maybe take … hand. B) Check-fold – I can’t think of … some hands that he may call a bet with like … some hands that he may call a bet with like … Player digital subscription. We’ll post the results of …

Poker Hand of the Week: The Readers Decide What’s The Best Play

by Card Player News Team |  Published: May 30, '12

bet 625,000 on the flop and then followed that … called and lose, you’ll be left with only … bet, but I probably would have made a larger turn bet to imply thatthat you move all in, just because you want to takebet like three-quarters pot to try and take it …

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