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Poker Strategy: Hand Breakdown With World Series Of Poker Circuit Winner Boris Kasabov

by Steve Schult | Published: May 22, '20

… of his victory in Mississippi. Hand 1 Concepts: Deciding on correct … strategies around three-betting this hand preflop in cash games. Is … do kind of regret that. Hand 2 Concepts: Picking correct spots … mentally get back on track. Hand 3 Concepts: Picking when to …

Can Phil Ivey Be Bullied? An Excerpt From Poker Book How Can He Fold?

by Card Player News Team | Published: Dec 06, '19

… the shorter stack in the hand. JONATHAN: Yeah, I agree, most … percent equity against Phil’s hand. GRANT: Some of Isaac’s … to come. JONATHAN: If this hand took place two hours before … are the hosts of The Breakdown Poker Podcast and multiple YouTube …

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Head Games: Cash Game Preflop Hand Ranges And Post-Flop Decisions

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 10, '21

… determine an opponent’s hand range preflop in terms … the top-left-hand corner of the hand matrix and … the upper-left-hand corner of the hand matrix. But … have a perfect 50/50 breakdown of strong and weak … revolves around where our hand falls in our range, …

Head Games: Proper Bet Sizing With Premium Pocket Pairs

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 27, '21

… concerns when you have a hand you want to potentially three … 10,000.  Craig Tapscott: Please breakdown your thoughts on how you … people are playing their hand, not my hand. If I’m ever … , are difficult for the best hand possible to change. With dynamic …

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball: Examining Open Ranges, Equities, and Positional Considerations

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Apr 22, '20

… in regards to its approximate breakdown between pat hands, one card … encourage villain to break his hand where we he may be … out highly representing a pat hand. In this situation the second … the probability of winning the hand. For example, if two players …

Badugi: Playing Dealt Pat Hands

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Mar 25, '20

… available that will complete our hand. So when the poker gods … a good open? Let’s breakdown several different things that can … and move onto the next hand. Another good outcome is picking … ; however, in reality the pat hand will win more often than …

Preflop Tournament Basics: Part 2 – Mid Stack Play

by Ryan Laplante |  Published: Mar 25, '20

… poker course gives a structured breakdown of game theory optimal ( … terms of whether a hand is a call or … because in order for a hand to be strong enough … being three-bets. Almost every hand in this range can … here to play, almost every hand in this range is …

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