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Former NFL Star Clinton Portis Settles $190K Atlantic City Casino Debt

by Brian Pempus | Published: Apr 03, '18

… finally resolving a long-standing debt to Atlantic City’s largest … settle a $190,000 debt accrued from gambling. From now until August … Portis filed an application for gambling credit. The checks he gave … where Portis racked up casino debt. He still owes about $ …

Nevada Casinos Fail To Collect $70 Million In Gambling Markers

by Brian Pempus | Published: Jan 17, '18

… at least $1 million in gambling winnings in the fiscal year … times of economic downturn, bad debt percentages general rise,” said the … for Gaming Research. The bad debt has fallen, for the most … generated $3.3 billion in gambling revenue in FY 2017, which …

How A 1990s Gambling Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Sets Precedent For $3M Poker Debt Case

by Brian Pempus | Published: Nov 15, '17

… t extend to drinking and gambling. “State courts had not … without imposing liability for allowing gambling by intoxicated patrons,” the Third … racked up $3 million in debt from the game in … Burnett said. “Often there are debt collections issues that are the …

Radio Personality Used Ponzi Scheme To Pay Off Massive Gambling Debts, Feds Say

by Brian Pempus | Published: Sep 08, '17

… repay a $2.5 million gambling debt, according to a lawsuit and … millions of dollars’ worth of gambling-related debts to casinos and … preexisting debts, including Carton’s debt to casinos, rather than to …

Olympic Gold Medalist Accused Of Not Paying $330,000 Casino Gambling Debt

by Brian Pempus | Published: May 30, '17

… in Singapore over an alleged gambling debt. The BBC reports that a … else during a February 2015 gambling trip with friends and family … team. China is largely against gambling but does allow it in … learned someone had left some debt unsettled with the casino,” he …

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Contracts and Poker: A Weird Gambling Statute

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Apr 20, '22

gambling debts were unenforceable, presumably to prevent the ruling classes from gambling … enforce gambling debts. The general rule is that gambling … If you paid your gambling debt and then sued … of discouraging illegal gambling. Fortunately for the …

Even Celebrities Take Shots At The Poker Table

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Dec 16, '20

… shake him down for the debt… which Fred eventually paid. But … reminder about the $40,000 debt he owed from the night … . His credits include executive producing gambling-related TV shows such as …

2020: The Candy Store Isn’t Always Open

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 03, '20

… before, and came back in debt. For a while, it didn … a really profound comment on gambling, or perhaps even life in … and on with examples of gambling Candy Stores, but let’s … ’t blow it on casino gambling, sex, drugs and rock ‘n …

Contracts And Poker: Staking Agreements

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Nov 20, '19

… state’s law applies. If gambling is illegal in the state … was trying to collect a gambling debt, which is illegal (except for …

Money Management in Theory and Practice: Part TWO

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 12, '18

… (or gambling) bankroll? 4. What percentage of your income comes from gambling … gone broke or even into debt.) The main takeaway from this …

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