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Paddy's Corner

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: May 30, '08

… met was Des Wilson, author of Ghosts at the Table. Des was having …

The Inside Straight

by CP The Inside Straight Authors |  Published: May 21, '08

… What it is Today by Des Wilson (Da Capo Press; $26) In … (Swimming With the Devil Fish), Des Wilson makes an elegant and entertaining … World Series of Poker, but Wilson suggests that Tom Moore … game changed poker strategy?). But Wilson's ultimate point is …

Industry News

by Roy Brindley |  Published: Sep 01, '07

… the evening. Rookie poker author Des Wilson did his sums ahead of … be $35,000 in chips. Des, therefore, did well, making day …

'Swimming With the Devilfish'

by Lucy Rokach |  Published: Jul 01, '06

… 's essential reading. The author, Des Wilson, has gone behind the scenes … . What a turnaround! From there, Des goes on to explore what … Surface of Professional Poker, by Des Wilson, is published by MacMillan; £10 …

Stuck 'n' Stinkin' for Three Days

by Michael Craig |  Published: Dec 27, '05

… up with another English writer, Des Wilson, who is working on Swimming … book about English poker professionals. Wilson recommended that Tony call his … goodbye to Messrs. Holden and Wilson, who spent two days in …

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